‘Sleepwalking’ transsexual Met police worker cleared of murder bid

Helen Doe, 53, told police she woke up in the early hours in the home she shared with brother Kenneth, 64, and felt “overwhelming hatred” for him.11HelenDoe1408a[1]

He suffered three wounds to his skull from the 18-inch metal bar as he lay in bed, plus a broken finger as he tried to defend himself.

Doe, from Mitcham, who is employed by the Metropolitan Police Uniform Services and is a vocal campaigner for gender diversity, was found not guilty yesterday at Kingston crown court

….”She describes a  history of depression for which she was taking prescribed medication. She also said she was in the process of changing gender to that of a female and was  having hormone therapy.” 

My take away from this is that sex-change hormones make you legally insane. I mean, that is the only possible conclusion, right? h/t Laura Rosen Cohen