Russia sanctions matter, whatever the Bow Group says

While Vladimir Putin runs riot through eastern Ukraine, seeks to destabilise any country he pleases, and disregards international law at will, an outfit called the Bow Group, which describes itself as a conservative “think tank”, calls for sanctions against Russia to be lifted

Yesterday, the Bow Group released a report calling for the lifting of sanctions on the Russian Federation. Its timing, while much of eastern Ukraine remains in flames, the Moscow-backed occupation of Georgia is intensifying, and Russian troops are massing in the breakaway Moldovan province of Transnistria, is profoundly bizarre; the report’s contents, even more so.

Without wishing to indulge in hyperbole, inaccuracies are evident from the report’s very first line and betray a sympathy for Moscow’s stance that runs right through it..

The events of February 2014 which saw the removal of the Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych’s government from power were, Adriel Kansonta argues, a “coup”.

This was simply not the case.