Russia sanctions matter, whatever the Bow Group says

While Vladimir Putin runs riot through eastern Ukraine, seeks to destabilise any country he pleases, and disregards international law at will, an outfit called the Bow Group, which describes itself as a conservative “think tank”, calls for sanctions against Russia to be lifted

Yesterday, the Bow Group released a report calling for the lifting of sanctions on the Russian Federation. Its timing, while much of eastern Ukraine remains in flames, the Moscow-backed occupation of Georgia is intensifying, and Russian troops are massing in the breakaway Moldovan province of Transnistria, is profoundly bizarre; the report’s contents, even more so.

Without wishing to indulge in hyperbole, inaccuracies are evident from the report’s very first line and betray a sympathy for Moscow’s stance that runs right through it..

The events of February 2014 which saw the removal of the Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych’s government from power were, Adriel Kansonta argues, a “coup”.

This was simply not the case.

  • BobSykes

    You’ve got everything exactly backwards.

    Russia is responding to US aggression. If you don’t think the US is the aggressor, please remember Nicaragua, Panama, Grenada, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan (twice), Iraq (thrice), Kosovo, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and of course Ukraine. The mess in Ukraine is due to a US-engineered coup. Nuland bragged about it.

    Everything the US touches turns to crap. All those countries listed above were attacked, hundreds of thousands of people were killed, millions made homeless or refugees, whole regions reduced to chaos.

    Then there is the drone war. Some terrorist leaders killed, thousands of bystanders killed. The US claims the right to murder American citizens without trial or any kind of judicial review, and it has done so. The US President has become a serial mass murderer.

    The US itself is a terrorist state and the chief course of terror, death, destruction and chaos–far worse than anything Iran, Al Qaida, Hamas or North Korea has done. We’ve killed more innocent people that Gaddafi, Assad, Hussein and the Ayatollahs combined.

    Wake up.

    • Maurixio Garciasanchez

      You are right.

      • David

        Wrong again.

    • David

      Was the kool aid good?

    • Maggat

      Come on guy, give your head a shake!!!

    • African

      So Right! Thank you!
      And as a conservative Christian, I might add that in collaboration with Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the Arab Gulf States, America and the West created, funded, trained and armed the Taliban jihadists and (UBL) to fight Russia in the Eighties. Again, in more recent years and in collaboration with islamic Saudi Arabia, the Arab Gulf States and the West, America funded armed, trained and still support ISIS, al-nusra front, the so-called ‘free Syrian army’ and many other jihadist terrorists that are fighting Assad in Syria today. The US is currently releasing 500 million dollars to the islamic jihadists that are fighting Assad. These Western countries also supported and even sent their fighter jets and provided ‘no-fly-zones’ in support of the islamic terrorists that overthrew Qaddafi. The West dumped, the Iranian Shah and Gen. Husni Mubarak of Egypt, (a man who a was close allies of the West for 30 years) and help-installed their ‘muslim brotherhood’ government which is an islamist terrorist group in Egypt.

      America and the West (Nato) also bombed Serbia, a Christian nation and established two radical islamic states (Bosnia & Kosvo) in Europe. In addition to that, America and the West give hundreds of billions of dollars annually to many radical muslim countries and muslim jihadist groups that are behind the persecution and the murder of tens of thousands of Christians and other religious minorities each year and these countries include Pakistan, Sudan, Egypt, Somalia, Iraq, Algeria, Libya, Turkey and many others. Christian-hating, fag-loving and islamo-phylic America and the West also import hundreds of thousands of radical muslims into North America and Western Europe every year, mosque-ing schools, colleges and universities for them while America and the West ban, dismantle and mock traditional Christian morality and family values and are ashamed any sign of their Christian roots. America and the West totally dishonored and rejected Christ, traditional ways of life and common sense and replaced them with political-correctness and with moral corruption where a man can “marry’ a man and where there are seven additional “genders” and “gender conversions” and thereby morally corrupting hundreds of millions of kids who are being indoctrinated with this moral filth in schools, colleges and universities across the Western world.

      America and the West are also exporting and spreading the decadent political system known as “liberal democracy” to the Rest of the World and thereby infecting the world with real social and political diseases that are born from “liberal democracy’ and these diseases include: political-correctness, moral relativism, multiculturalism, consumerism, materialism, radical secularism, “gay marriage”, and “LGBTQ” activism, destruction of traditional family values, complete emasculation of the local nationals there and over-emboldened and assertive local muslims who are not afraid to start jihad and take over the weakened infidels there. I could go on to say more and the fact is God is angry with America and the West for rejecting His eternal moral principals, for backing genocidal muslims, for ignoring the plight of Christians and for morally corrupting the world and God’s anger will be revealed if America and the West do not repent (ASAP) from their sins and change their ways.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Whatever people said about Russia but Putin made invasions without firing a single bullet , ask Crimea if that is lie.

  • Fran800

    Terrible article. OF COURSE there was a putsch in Kiev. It was proceeded by a $5 billion anti-Russian, pro-EU program on the part of the American State department operating through NGO’s such as George Soros’ Open Society Institute. The putsch threw out a government that was legitimately elected in 2010. That election was monitored by Western countries including Canada and declared fraud-free.
    The article says that the Ukrainian government did not persecute or discriminate against Ukrainians of Russian ethnicity. That is true of the Yanukovich government, but the fist action of the putschist government was to outlaw the use of Russian language. They had to back down because of fierce opposition.

    Disgraceful comparison of Crimea with Kosovo. Kosovo was historically part of Serbia and only recently infiltrated by Albanians, who are mostly Muslims. The native Serbs had fled from them in the past. Now there is massive persecution and ethnic cleansing of Serbs in Kosovo, as well as destruction of historic Serbian churches. Kosovo has become a failed narco-state known for people smuggling and organ harvesting.
    As for Crimea, it had been Russian for at least 200 years and was Russia’s main warm water port. It only ended up in Ukraine because drunken Communist dictator Kruschev transferred it from Russia to Ukraine without any grassroots input whatsoever. Keeping Crimea in Ukraine while priming Ukraine for membership in EU and NATO meant that NATO was “conquering” Russia’s most important warm water port by means of a clever trick. It’s disgusting for Western leaders not to recognize this (That’s YOU, Harper).
    And not mentioned is the actual military invasion of northern Cyprus by the Turkish army in 1974, ethnically cleansing the Greek population of 40% of the island which had been Greek since the beginning of time. It’s true no country has recognized the Turkish Cypriot state, but no one has condemned Turkey for it at all. They are still our “ally”.