Please Tell Black Lives Matter to Shut Up and Go Away!

Born in 1856, Booker T. Washington was an amazing black educator, orator, author, and adviser to U.S. presidents.

Isn’t it interesting that black men and women in America way back then were achieving extraordinary success? Meanwhile, liberals and Democrats claim America is such a hellhole of racism that blacks need cradle-to-grave welfare, affirmative action, lowered standards and numerous other special concessions to survive. Why am I seemingly the only black person on the planet highly offended by the Left’s bigotry of lowered expectations? Actually, I know other blacks who share my frustration with blacks who think liberals and Democrats are their friends.

  • Dana Garcia

    These people are like the idiots who gave Peace a bad name.

    • They are not about peace or Black lives only themselves and how they can game the system.

      • Gary

        They should go to Chi and Det that have a combined 800+ homicides a year right now to mostly Blacks and mainly by guns .

        These idiots remind me of the 20 years after Toronto’s Carribean invasion in the late 1970’s once women found out that they were Immigrants if they were British Subject . Thousands poured in and created the fatherless mom’s in Government housing that many Black teens aspire to be .
        So, in 1993 there were two Carribean immigrants agitators that fired-up a mob of these yutes by telling them they were oppressed and victims of 400 years of slavery by the white man. .
        These carribean yutes left the rally as a cluster of yahoos raised by a low iQ parent and headed to Yonge street to over-turn food cart and loot store run by new Immigrants and non-whites.
        The thing that tipped me off that these were village idiots incited by other village idiots was that STATS-CAN had a tidbit of information that only 10% of the Blacks in Canada reported that they were here before 1970.

        Did you get that……Carribean moms in Government housing were producing fatherless children with poor job skills that was twisted around by the Agitators to blame in on slavery and racism. So the answer was to riot and attack non-white immigrants and ruin their business or steal from them.
        Later on when Boob Rae got in power the carribean community made it clear they wanted jobs and they’d riots again until they got them.
        So the NDP brought in Hiring quotas for Blacks ( not gays and women) that had a $50,000.00 fine for not meeting the targets which meant you either fired Whites or created a $30,000.00 a year job to avoid a $50,000.00 Fine for not meeting the quota.
        Sadly , when you listen to a young Black male like Desmond Cole he still sees racism behind almost every short-comings for Blacks that don’t meet the standards for employment .
        The CBC and other MSM had to get rid of the Experience Standards to hired people for TV and Radio because Blacks didn’t want to wait for jobs by going to small towns first as other did.
        No sir, so now we had a National News or radio show from Toronto where people with accents got their job from a quota and by the bar being lowered .

        Sure I’m a bigot and racist , that’s the easy response.
        But I’m of Aboriginal background and when I wanted to be a Cop I was too short and accepted it , then when I wanted to get a job at the TTC I was told they were focusing on non-white males, when I applied for a Government job in Toronto near Queens Park I was told by the BROWN male HR person that we in the Government are hiring women and immigrants.

        Hmmmm, so now I see how the Police Chief is exalted by the Black community as the first Black Chief and of carribean background, I also see male Mini -cops under Diversity and the little girls getting $90,000.00 for the easy jobs at car accidents and Parades, then I also now see the local Subway station hiring new immigrants based on their colour and religion thanks to the Charter Of Rights and Diversity .
        Amazing how someone can parachute into canada and get a high paying job based on their colour because of some redress for 400 years of slavery , then we have the Diversity quota for non-citizens since the Charter protects people no matter the Nationality which mean non-Canadian.

        Have you seen the TTC’s make-work project with those people in Blue vest with an “i” on the for Information Staf to get around Toronto.
        Instead of employing 50+ Canadians from Toronto that know the TTC system by heart , I saw the young Diversity workers where one had a set of maps in the pouch which the Collection Booth near by also had .
        Typical TTC , why hire people from Toronto that are over 50 and retired, no sir, recruit kids right of of school and teach them the basic while you also give them charts and maps to help them help the Tourists .
        I had witnessed a female Cop on Bloor that stopped a car with a large male in it , I watched for awhile and then 3 cops cars showed up with men in them to help her.
        No big shock the Police budget is $1 billion and they still want more money , it now take about 3 mini-cops to do what 1 of the older large and tall cops could do.

        Why bother with the Citizenship in Canada if Toronto is a sanctuary City to give welfare to 300,000 illegals, and where good paying Union jobs in the Governments can go to someone new in the Country just because they aren’t Canadian born or aren’t white.

        Thanks HRC
        Looks like gay, Muslim and Black trumps Aboriginal .

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          My wife is Metis.
          And my kids are Metis.
          I am not.
          I never want my kids to get a job as a diversity hire although they might if they self identify on a job application.
          Diversity hires are looked down upon by their peers and their track record of incompetent bad apples is a positive feedback loop that confirms it daily.
          Even if your best buddy at work is from an accepted diversity group and they are the best at what they do there is always a nagging suspicion that they got there for reasons other than merit.

          • Shebel

            I never realized that my wife was a Metis. Neither did she.
            She never realized that she was a Victim.

            You should check out my new Grandkid—- probably has more Native blood that half these fucking Chiefs.

          • My hairdresser was telling me a while ago about how he’s technically “metis”. I put it in quotes because I think he must just mean “mixed”, since he’s from Cape Breton. Anyway, his old man (who was where the Indian blood came from) let all his kids have some sort of identity cards people were apparently issued proving the native background, because heritage and all that, but he’d never let any of them take monetary advantage of the Indian thing, even though apparently they could have. He just thought it was immoral.

            He was telling me this a little while after his dad’s funeral. He was pretty emotional. I said, very sincerely, that his father sounded like an extremely admirable man. God knows people don’t often turn down free money.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            My wife is Metis.
            She’s got the scrip and the paperwork to prove it handed down to her.
            And we’ve had animated conversations about Louis Riel many times.
            I’m not saying I’m above my kids taking money from the Manitoba Metis Federation for their education when the time comes in a few years.
            I see that as some sort of scholarship.
            But, it’s dangerous getting caught up in a grievance community.
            It can change your world view.

          • El Martyachi

            It’s similar to taking a bribe.

          • Gary

            My problem is that my families on a dad’s side goes back to about 1805 when his people had to flee the US after 1787 when the United States was finalized by the 13 Colonies and 11 years of negotiating . The genocide plan South of the border was to do a census to count the native around the Vermont area , but it was really to sterilize the females one by one to stop future Natives.
            Thus the exodus in to Quebec and spreading out to reduce a cross border slaughter of all of them .
            The family cemetery on their land is dated around 1800 which makes sense as the elders started to die.

            The issue is that the relatives around the border were deemed Dual-citizen by treaty which was the 1894 Jaye -treaty design by him when the Government wanted to resolve the cross border commerce by American native now in Quebec.
            Even though 99% of the Natives in Canada migrated up from the lower North American and DON”T own the land like the Public Unions say or TDSB, Canadian First Nations groups see me as American Indian , this means that the native Affairs Office won’t give me a card as not a recognized group .
            It got worse for me, the US Consulate said I could by-pass the Passport rules in 2009 but needed a letter from the Canadian Government as being of native background, or, get a band Seal or Letter Head document with proof of a link to the Vermont natives.
            Fine, by Natives didn’t get registered in the local Churches for the Records in Vermont , they also buried their own and didn’t use a local cemetery.
            Aside from the 200+ year old cemetery to trace it back to the USA post 1787 , it can be done with lots of record searches in Vermont’s archives but it dies when the fleeing natives broke up into small groups for survival and existed in a French catholic system where even my grand father was born on the farm land as other with no Hospital records.

            Pretty rich for the First nations people from the lower USA (centuries ago) to now lay claim to Canada and deem me not Native enough in Canada because my link is to the American native status from a Border State.

          • I didn’t know about any of this. It’s really intriguing. Any links or books you’d recommend? The “aboriginal”-monetary complex in Canada is so effed-up.

          • Cheryl

            Gary this is very interesting, I never knew anything about this. Thanks very much for sharing.

        • Shebel

          Do you really hate White people that much?
          Put that feathered head dress on and dance -like a VICTIM of the White Man.
          Poor baby.

          • How did you get that from what Gary wrote?

          • Clausewitz

            What?? I think you have a comprehension problem that needs dealing with.

          • Gary

            True, three of my uncles signed up for the Military in 1942 and I’m only making a point that it wasn’t their problem and yet decades later I had trouble getting job because suddenly Immigrants exposed a racism only they felt .
            As for the TTC, I don’t envy those operators because I was also told that I scored too high on the aptitude and deductive reasoning tests and they wanted less ambitious people that can do a simple job every day for 25 years and not want to learn anything new.
            They also said that I was perfect for a Managers jobs to see the whole picture and know how to spot flaws and solve the problems, but there were any openings.
            The training costs would have been a waste because I’d learn so fast and see areas to be improved that I’d be bored after about 4 months and want more form the job.

            Sorry folks if you’re one of the Diversity members driving a bus or street car , but your low IQ and lack of drive from a myopic horizon may have got you the job while you don’t even know what I found out .

            I said I was of Aboriginal background which most people deduced to mean that one of my parents may have been white .
            That’s why I mentioned why I should have played the game and got dark in the summer and put on feathers to dance and prove I was native.
            Do you really think that every Resume` for a Government job doesn’t have people that lie about being gay or being a muslim. There is NO test by HR to prove it with your partner or recite verses from the quran as a professed muslim.

            Imagine if I ended up as the Police Chief and is of Aboriginal background , but hey …… rioting and looting helps by-pass the hard work in life and experience to get the good jobs.
            For me, I knew that rules were there for a reason and Public safety. If I was too short I could change that , It wasn’t racist back then to have height standards .

            Lets hope these Liberals don’t go after the Olympics for their Diversity and equality , no more stop watches or measuring tapes for time, Height , distance or even weights for lifting.
            Everyone gets a Gold Medal to go on and be brave as a tansgender Star on a Cereal box or TV show.

  • andycanuck

    Black immigrants to the U.S. do fine too despite “endemic racism” as well, whether African or (surprisingly enough to Torontonians) Jamaican.

  • Canadian

    I don`t think that you`re alone.
    It`s just that those who think like you do don`t riot, loot, and shoot at police.
    Media are not interested .

  • Clausewitz

    Black lives matter so much that they are burning their city down around their own ears. Good luck with any business’ relocating to your town and shelling out new jobs.

    • El Martyachi

      Business is for chumps.

  • eMan14

    Black lives will matter when blacks stop killing blacks.
    It makes by blood boil, or whatever, when I see people protesting a cop shooting and or killing a black youth, when they don’t give a rats ass to blacks killing blacks.
    Neither is good… but at least be consistent about it.

  • Minicapt

    The problem with Booker T was that he lacked the sophisticated critical race knowledge possessed by his superior successors such as Tiny-Hissy Coates and Toure Niblett.


    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Toure Niblett.
      Ho ho ho
      Green Giant