Media has an ISIS lightbulb moment: Wonders if Koran condones rapes and attacks on non-Muslims

What is up with all the sudden realizations?

More here – CNN Host Tells Guest Graphic Islamic State Story ‘Feeds the Impression That These Muslims Are Animals, Savages’ — but Listen to Her Sharp Response

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    Even the Toronto Star-n-Crescent printed a similar article the other day….

    Mind you, they were sure to insult others for long-ago sins if it helps relieve pressure on our contemporary kidnappers and rapists (Muslims, yes)….

    QUOTE – ‘In much the same way as specific Bible passages were used centuries later to support the slave trade in the United States, the Islamic State cites specific verses or stories in the Qur’an or else in the Sunna, the traditions based on the sayings and deeds of the Prophet Muhammad, to justify their human trafficking, experts say.

    Scholars of Islamic theology disagree, however, on the proper interpretation of these verses, and on the divisive question of whether Islam actually sanctions slavery.’ – END QUOTE

    Never mind that Koran 33:50 allows for Muhammad to marry women captured in battle, or that Koran 33:21 says Muhammad is a ‘beautiful pattern on conduct’ for those Muslims who wish to go to paradise.

    Nothing to do with the Islam, folks! 😉

    • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

      Silly me, the Star printed a condensed version’s of the NYT piece.


      • Yes they did, I long to see them beheaded by ISIS.

        • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

          They naively think they can befriend the crocodile and avoid being eaten.

  • WalterBannon

    Obama has been supporting ISIS through his every move

  • Gary

    You mean the brain-dead dolts like Barbara Hall might actually READ a quran and see that her islamist buddies will slit her throat while also tossing gays from the HRC Tower on Bay street under sharia law .

    Hall and Wynne approved the jew-hating anti-gay mosque in the Valley Park public school. It was so radical that even Susan G Cole supported it out of fear for being a jewish lesbiab feminist that will be one of the first groups tossed off roof tops.

    Cole told David Menzie that she supports accommodating all religious groups to get a prayer space in school.

    BS Susan , the GayStapo thugs and Homofacists you endorse have been god haters for decades now that kicked Christ out of the Public schools while they now want to do it to Catholic Schools as well but don’t dare denounce islams homophobia and misogyny .

    It’s a MOSQUE on Friday’s Susan , they started off wanting a little prayer space as an oppressed minority and victims of anti-muslim bigotry since 9/11 .
    Once they had the number they DEMANDED a Mosque and got because Wynne was their MPP and McGuilty wanted to win the seat by appeasing the radical muslims.