Islamophobia: Fact or Fiction?

On July 9th, the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance, within the Council of Europe, published its annual report for 2014. The report identifies a dramatic increase in antisemitism, Islamophobia, online hate speech and xenophobic political discourse as main trends in 2014. It also indicates that “Islamophobia is reported in many countries, counteracting integration efforts for inclusive European societies. According to the report the rise of extremism and in violent Islamist movements has been manipulated by populist politicians to portray Muslims in general as unable or unwilling to integrate and therefore as a security threat.”

This is, of course, troubling, and it is right for the Commission to treat it as a growing problem. But just how widespread is the issue, and to what extent is it readily identifiable?

  • Zaba

    “A word created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons.”
    Christopher Hitchens

  • Zaba

    Islamophobia: Fact Or Fiction?

  • Gary

    When it comes to muslims and Politicians, here are LIES , DAMN LIES and STATS.

    I would be shocked if the Shia/ Sunni issue or Sharia issue for the Hijab among muslims has caused many attacks on each other that get grouped within ” islamophobia” STATS since they were attack for being a muslims, but just not the right muslim or muslim enough to cover their skin if a women .

    Blacks cry about racism and yet rarely do Black business hire non-blacks , plus the highly skilled jobs in a Business runs a the Black owner never seem to have a outreach to employ Black youths from Jane and Finch or Government housing in general.
    Trust me , I have heard many non-whites say that when their business makes them rich they are moving into the wealthy , safe, white neighbourhood .
    Just ask any of the Black Argo players or Raptor’s where they live , I doubt it’s next to regent park or a co-op in Malvern for mixed tenants for welfare people and the rich like Olivia Chow.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Is it Islamophobia if they DO scare the be-jeepers out of you?
    If you read the history and realize they are following the same script time and time again, century after century?
    Wonder what the Viennese were thinking in the years up to 1683? Wonder if those who were afraid of the Ottoman Empire were labelled?
    Periods of peace followed by a little old fashioned Islamic fundamentalism tends to give you pause for concern, especially when they are entering what appears to be that fundamentalist stage.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Anyway, I have more fear of those who every 4 to 5 years ask for our humble blessing to put them into office, and as soon as they are anointed, continue to bring these people into our midst, marching to orders from the UN to allow more refugees in, without our politicians even allowing us the chance to object.
    I cannot imagine the outcome if Mulcair or Trudeau gets in. (hint, Quebec is forwarding a bill to outlaw saying anything bad of the religion of peace)

  • Barrington Minge

    Why is “islamophobia” seen as a problem? We have phobias for spiders, the outdoors, and all sorts.So why not “islamophobia”
    Liberal wordpiss!!

    • Zaba

      Why is “islamophobia” seen as a problem?

      It’s an invented word to protect the ideology of islam.