If the bombing of Hiroshima was a moral obscenity, blame Emperor Hirohito

The 70th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki has produced some predictable wailing and gnashing of teeth about the horrors of nuclear weapons. The Guardian called the dropping of the bombs ‘obscene’, citing the figure of 250,000 casualties, and CND organised a commemorative event where Jeremy Corbyn renewed his call for unilateral nuclear disarmament.

As a conservative and a realist, I don’t have the luxury of moral certainty.

  • Consider that the bombing of Tokyo a few months before killed more people and did more damage.

    Yes, the atomic bombs were dreadful. But total warfare, in which the militaristic Japanese were engaged, is also dreadful. Either it can end or one can commit genocide by fire-bombing every single Japanese city.

    • It was an ugly thing but prolonging the war and incurring needless casualties was worse.

  • luna

    There is a lesson here for Iran.

    If you declare war on another country and demonstrate over and over again that there’s no atrocity you won’t commit in order to win, you cannot blame your opponent for using every means at its disposal to defend itself.

    • ntt1

      make that a lesson for world wide muslims.not just the iranians if they follow the quran then they seek world domination just like the axis powers did.

  • ntt1

    The lesson to be learned is that militaristic fascism is still a threat. Hiroshimas skeletal dome should be seen as a stark reminder of the pure evil in man that can be unleashed in war.

  • JustAnotherWesterner

    Anybody who decries the use of the atomic bomb on Japan should be put in a Japanese POW camp for one week. See if they change their mind.

  • Have you guys all seen this? I can’t remember if it was posted. Bill Whittle. Bookmark this sh*t for the next time someone tries to tell you that the atomic bombings of Japan weren’t justified.

    It’s concise, yo.


    • What leftists like Jon Stewart refuse to do is to do research and reconcile that with their beliefs. Had he done so, Stewart would have accepted that the atomic bombs were necessary.

      That is also assuming that he is honest.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    None of Japan’s Asian neighbors have ever lamented the dropping of the bombs. They all feel the Japanese got what they deserved.

    • If anything, they would have levelled Japan had they had atomic weapons.

  • Xavier

    As soon as you see someone call for unilateral nuclear disarmament, you can dismiss them as being “unencumbered by any association with reality”. Technology and information have spread to the point that given a few years and sufficient funds even retarded sand monkey terrorists like the Iraqis can develop nuclear weapons. To think that nations with nuclear capabilities would disarm themselves and give radicals the ultimate ability to destroy them is insanity.

  • David Murrell

    The reason President Harry Truman (a liberal Democrat) dropped the bomb was that the projected casualties from an American invasion of mainland Japan were too high. The United States suffered high casualties in takin Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Note that no other country had assisted the US in taking Japanese territory up to that point.

    • John

      Agreed…with the added plus that it sent a huge warning to Russia.

  • simus1

    The atomic bomb program had consumed huge resources and money during wartime. Truman had made his bones in congress and escaped the pariah label the elites had stuck on him as nothing but a front man for Kansas City gangsters by his blockbuster digging into the scandalous looting and waste involved in the startup of the American rearmament and military facilities programs. There was no way he was going to be caught holding the bag for “failure” of the atomic program and the massive casualties to be taken conquering Japan without its use.
    The same commies and their camp followers who took issue with its use didn’t seem very perturbed when mass murderer Stalin built his own stock of bombs courtesy of marxist traitor spies within the Manhattan Project.