Enduring repression and insurgency in Egypt’s Sinai

“They want to substitute me for the Muslim womans [sic] arrested in Egyptian prisons. These matters have to be achieved before 48 hours from now; if not, the soldiers of Sinai Province will kill me,” said a man identifying himself as Tomislav Salopek in a video released on 5 August.

A week later Sinai Province (SP), a jihadist group that swore an oath of loyalty to Islamic State (IS) in November 2014, published what appeared to be a photo of Mr Salopek’s decapitated body.

The photo included a caption that said the 31-year-old Croatian was killed “for his country’s participation in the war against Islamic State”.

  • mobuyus

    Al-Azhar the sunni worlds go to guys for craziness and the moral authority of progressives through-out the world, called this unfortunate incident ” demonic act of which all religions and human traditions are innocent”. So you see it has nothing what so ever to do with islam or muslims. Boy I’m glad they cleared all that up and we will hear no more of this.