Canada Leads on Opposing Iran Deal

President Obama claims, as Bill Kristol noted in his editorial in the latest issue of THE WEEKLY STANDARD, that no country in the world has expressed opposition to his deal with Iran, with the exception of Israel. But that’s not accurate. Canada, the United States’ biggest trading partner—and, traditionally, its closest ally—has made it clear it wants no part of an agreement normalizing relations between Iran and the West.

  • David Murrell

    Yes but on November 1 Prime Minister-electThomas Mulcair will definately endorse the Neville Chamberlain deal.

  • Minicapt

    Sorry … we’ll try to fix this as soon as we can.


  • luna

    The only clear path I’m aware of to restore multilateral sanctions at this point seems to be agreeing to the deal then catching Iran in violation of it. Apparently Israel is eager to help identify Iranian violations of the deal.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Rouhani and Tom Mulcair look alike, don’t they?

    Coincidence or conspiracy?

    • Cripes do they ever.

      • robins111

        I always figured that Turkey’s Erdoğan, looked like Snuffy Smith from the 60’s cartoon. Kinda acts like him too

  • G

    This is the kind of thing that shows that, however much they disappoint conservative Canadians by being … less than conservative in themselves in some of their policies, the PCs are different than the other parties – and still the least harmful of the lot.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Smart foreign policy is non-interventionist. Waging war for 14 years has done nothing except put the region into chaos. The US and the West won’t even admit that is the case. Don’t forget that prior to the Iraq invasion Iraq was doing fairly well. Of course, the people had to contend with the oil for food program which did result in 500,000 people dying to near 1 million. The Iran deal is necessary and the people screaming about it only believe the stories they want to believe. They believe war is the only solution in the end. Don’t forget about the person named, mobysus, on here. He has made it clear that he wants war. Iran is supported by China and Russia. They have established pacts to protect Iran if they are attacked. It seems to me that if a war happens that the war will happen due to Israel being so paranoid that they cannot help themselves. No wonder they are further being isolated. Schumer and the other Democrat against this deal won’t be enough. If the US votes the deal down, the US will be isolated, and they will not be a reliable partner going into the future. It will show that the US is beholden to a foreign power and that US foreign policy is built on foreign entanglements and wanting more power in the region. They said in 2002-03 that Hussein was close to a weapon. If that was completely false then, why should we believe anything coming out of the mouths of Harper and Netanyahu?!

    • Billy Bob Thornton
    • Minicapt

      When you know something, it will be your first time. In the meantime, your ignorance can only be an inspiration to Diggers and Greens, who welcome the reality-fettered.


    • robins111

      Do you really have anything other than rabble or NYT bullshit to spread around, or are you simply a scabby leftard troll, who’s decided to inform us of your self imposed genius.

      • dagawker

        1400 years,because that would make a little more sense.

  • Billy Bob Thornton – Netanyahu lied about Iraq nukes then. He is lying now with Iran!!!

  • Billy Bob Thornton – This means that the Saudis and Israelis are so paranoid they will drag the world into a third world war most likely because of their paranoia. The fact is Iran attacked no one and the warhawks need this war. Even Cruz in the US has said that war is most likely going to happen. Therefore, it is going to happen if there is a US Republican not through this deal but because the US is owned by a foreign power. This was also bound to happen because the US needs to keep its world reserve status up. You could say the US is desperate behind the scenes and this is merely a temporary deal any way you look at it. I don’t expect BCF to acknowledge it. Its motto is hate because we love war and scapegoating.

    • Billy Bob Thornton – This is why the war was wanted against Hussein and now Iran. It has to do with regional powers challenging Israel.

      • David

        Do you ever read your vacuous screeds? The only thing thats clear in your idiotic rantings is that you are a Jew hating fool and useful idiot of your hero jeremy arney.

    • Clink9

      Piss off then.

  • dagawker
    • dagawker

      These people should be monitored or committed…lol! Either way,they’re crazy!

  • Petrilla

    Just got home from a neighbourhood BBQ. Previous ones have been screaming affairs. I made my case that Harper is still the best one after 2008 and I said I am prepared for you all to disagree. No one did.I really hate when this messes up my friends and why should it?We were friend before and we will be friends after. The food was outstanding. I would far prefer to talk about food. Too bad the murdering shitheads want us to talk about them.