Paris forced to call in armed police as protestors target Israeli pop-up beach

Some 500 extra officers were drafted into the French capital, as pro-Palestinian groups gathered to protest against a section of the River Seine being used to promote the Israeli city of Tel Aviv.

This involved a day of Israeli-inspired festivities, with Paris city council saying in a statement that it will do everything to prevent the disruption of public order.


How does something so benign become the focus of terrorist threats?

One word: Islam

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Ain’t nothing like the real thing.

    • Heh;) I enjoyed walking on the beach in Tel Aviv to Jaffa.

  • mobuyus

    Some muslims are nothing more than fun-wreckers plain and simple.

    • It is a joyless cult.

      • mobuyus

        You bet.

    • Gary

      yes, and they want the whole earth to be one big joyless islamic hell-hole with oil lamps and untreated water where the people that die are because of allah’s will.

      The Toronto-18 wanted to kill about 10,000 Canadians in Toronto with their truck-bombs juts because Chretien had our troops in Afghanistan.
      CAIR’s own Sheema Khan defended the Toronto 18 as innocent all the way up to their going to prison after boasting of the terrorism plot for allah.
      In 1009 CAIR was exposed by the FBI for funding Hamas terrorism , but don’t tell the CBC or the Globe & Mail because they use Khan as the Moderate voice for muslims in Canada.

      • mobuyus

        Deep inn the dank Stygian stables in the fetid bowels of the CBC the old anti Semitic,anti American, terrorist sympathizing war horses of the left mindlessly stir the dust with their long ago yellowed hooves, dreaming of

        victories against common sense and all decencies. And there they dream and conspire. May they enter the abyss with their mascots.

  • roccolore

    Muslim and liberal fascists want another Charlie Hebdo.

  • Gary

    The Liberals and NDP still don’t think that this jew-hatred and violence won’t hap[pen in Canada because muslims like us for the free Health care and education .