Pan Am manager files sexual harassment lawsuit against David Peterson

A female manager with the Pan and Parapan American Games alleges in a newly commenced lawsuit she was sexually harassed by former Ontario premier and TO2015 chair David Peterson and that when she complained to human resources and senior officials, she was first told to “let it roll off your back” and was then demoted.

An alleged history of flirtatious greetings that escalated into unwanted hugs, sexually tinged remarks and public humiliation at the hands of Mr. Peterson is outlined in a statement of claim Ximena Morris, 34, filed on Thursday with the Ontario Superior Court. In addition to Mr. Peterson, she also names the Pan and Parapan Am Games organizing committee, the Canadian Olympic Committee (a partner of the Games) and three members of the executive team at TO2015: CEO Saad Rafi, head of human resources and general counsel Karen Hacker, and senior vice-president of public affairs Amir Remtulla, who are alleged to have contributed to Ms. Morris’s constructive dismissal at the organization.

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  • Clink9

    10 million in damage? That’s a lot of damage. I know people hurt in car collisions that received nothing for real injury.

  • Frances

    But he can’t be a harasser – he’s a Liberal!!

  • ontario johnw

    Sexual perversion and the liberals. What a surprise.

  • DD_Austin

    Apparently Dave received a pubic service position and didn’t come up with public
    service position

    Read her resume, An arts degree makes you an expert on bridges, or blowjobs

  • Edubeat

    The story must be making the rounds as the Mop and Pail has disabled the comments section on its website