Ontario’s debt drives Wynne’s decisions

Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government now says it won’t force the board making investments for her new mandatory provincial pension plan to buy into Ontario infrastructure projects.

“They’ll invest where they see fit,” Finance Minister Charles Sousa said Wednesday in deciding where to put the $3.5 billion a year the plan will take from three million workers and their employers.

That’s not what was suggested in Sousa’s 2014 budget.

  • Waffle

    That’s kind of black and white, isn’t it? 😉

  • mauser 98

    “They’ll invest where they see fit,”
    Latin for ‘ bribe the OPP and teachers to to shut up

  • andycanuck

    And how much will Ontario’s mirror-image bureaucracy that we’ve already paid for once in tax money in Ottawa cost? And if they really want to invest well, just let the teachers’ pension fund guys invest it for them.

  • k

    Only upkeep of roads and buildings!
    2)Salaries for Gov’t Management capped at 2015 salaries for 15 years!
    3)HYDRO SHOULD BE KEPT UNDER GOV’T (gov’t and private industry both make colossal mistakes…but I do not want a cartel happening with my air conditioning!)
    4)Many departments need to be collapsed as they either do NOT make sense
    (such as all these HOW TO GET A JOB PROGRAMS! When we KNOW the issue is TOO MANY WORKERS AND NOT ENOUGH JOBS!) and…
    MANY DEPARTMENTS need a REVAMP as they are built on the honour system/ cronyism system and there actually is no proper CHECK so the criminal swans off with the goods
    lots of other things

    • That’s a good start.

    • Cheryl

      Agree completely. Now all we need is someone that has the backbone and brains to stand up and implement this, but we all know that there isn’t one reputable politician in the whole bunch of them that were elected to represent the taxpayers of Ontario. Personally I think heads should roll. I wonder who we could call any suggestions?

      • Maggat

        “heads should roll”. That is easy to solve, give isis a call I’m sure they’d be glad to help

  • David Murrell

    The new ORPP bureaucracy could spend the new Wynne-tax money on the forthcoming Olympic infrastructure, should Toronto be “lucky” enough to win the bid. That would be a real money maker.

    • Oh Joy.

    • Gary

      Wynne is very quiet on telling the unproductive people in Ontario that the FREE money from the ORPP on top of their social benefits in Government housing , can’t be Drawn-down from until 2060 .
      This means that either the pension is a scam or the Global warming is a scam because Gore said we’d seeing millions dead by 2050, ten years before Wynne’s Pension starts to pay out.
      According to Wynne, the 20 years old’s today will be around in 45 years to collect the ORPP, but then she tell them the AGW will wipe them out by 2050.

      Gotta love those Liberals lies, the bigger they are the better the low IQ people fall for it. Wynne also has a near $300 billion debt growing at $20 Billion a year and yet she promises to spend $130 Billion on transit in Ontario and Toronto for people that won’t have jobs to go to other than dollar store for Government employees to buy cheap goods from China.

  • mobuyus

    Is there anyway to stick a finger in the Ontario dike before we hemorrhage any more of our money?

    • mauser 98

      find a little Dutch boy

      • mobuyus

        It would take dutch courage.

        • Gary

          I feel sorry for her ex husband and the children that she lied to and faked being heterosexual until being a lesbian could get her big bucks in politicis as we saw for Svend Robinson and Libby Davies .

          • mobuyus

            Svend needed the money , he had to steal a sixty-four thousand dollar ring for the male prostitute he picked up on that Cuban beach, brought back to Canada and married, before or after been shot in the ass with a banana shaped rubber projectile fired by RCMP riot control. I see a distinct pattern with progressives.

          • Gary

            I’m no longer shocked at how may gay Liberals will vacation in Cuba to prop up Communism even when Cuba jailed gays with AIDS to rot and die away from the Canadian tourists.
            I have a neighbour that is a teacher and votes for the NDP , they have been to Cuba several times with our tax dollars . This was a real shock because the TDSB exalted Ernesto Guevara even though he used to beat-up women for kicks prior to the rape and then killed them to shut them up.
            Ernesto ( Che to his buddies in the TDSB) Guevara is also on record saying that he adimires how productive and inventive white people are while Blacks are lazy Nigg**s and a burden on societies.

  • john davis

    I still don’t understand how you can make any money “investing” in infrastructure.

    • Alain

      You can once pigs fly.

    • Gary

      Liberalism is a mental disorder , in their minds it all makes sense.

      Better example, you’re in a boat that has a small hole where water is coming and you’ll sink in about 1 hour, the Liberal in the boat starts to drill an egg size hole in the hull for the water to runs out and rescue everyone .

  • Gary

    Gotta love Wynne and Justin , they now have their token negro women to join them in public speeches so Wynne can use the Homophobe and racist shield while Justin uses the Racist and anti-women shield .

    Liberals remind me of Cuba where they don’t allow Blacks in the upper Powers for Politics. In fact, Ernesto Guevara said that Blacks were lazy Nigg**s that were burdens on society while White were productive and inventive to make great Nations with wealth.

  • Gary


    Don’t expect CUPE or Sid Ryan to attack Wynne when she Invests in Non-Union 4-profit Corporations like the big banks and oil companies because the Public Sector Pensions do the same thing while they bash those Corporations at rallies and Social Justice protests by Olivia Chow for ending the Wage Gaps.

    It was odd how Chow and Layton got away with 2 M.P. salaries and benefits along with the gold-plated pensions and Limo while THEY would pretend to care about the poor and bash the greedy 1% er’s .

    Now Chows back for more money which is exactly what most people would do , but in her eyes it’s evil when others do it but okay for her because she means well.

  • simus1

    This GLLKDW pension initiative is just another variant of Martin’s ponzi scheme when among other things he “rolled back the deficit” by hiking civil service pension contributions and kept UI premium rates far is excess of what was needed. The kicker of course was that farther down the road the unfunded pensions had to handle an increased payout but that would be someone else’s problem not his.

    • Gary

      I remember when Martin had to come clean and admit that the $42 billion in the IU fund was only there on Paper and it was a number based on what would be owed if everyone tried to draw down from it at the same time.
      Nice , add this to the AdScam and yet Justin still has supporters wanting FREE stuff and inside deals to get rich like Ontario is known for under McGuilty and Wynne.