Nigel Wright = Dudley DoRight

Dudley DoRight“…As show trials go the Duffy trial is a bit of a damp squib. Duffy is an obvious scumball. Well, yes and it was idiotic to appoint him to the Senate. And he was a greedy scumball who got himself into a shitload of trouble for being greedy.”

  • John

    As Homer Simpson says; “Can’t get enough of that Duff”

  • irishrus

    But no worse than 2 liberal appointed CBC Governor Generals who could steal us blind legally no less.

    Journalists from any news outlets should not be allowed to be appointed to any political positions due to obvious conflicts of interest duh!!
    Let them run if they think we want them in office.

    It’s like Prime Ministers holding off generic drugs and then serving as paid board members on the same drug companies after retiring or being kicked out of office. No one in particular comes to mind, well except one…. just saying.

    • Gary

      Look at how Duffy is being treated during this Trial period for the allegations over $90,000.00 , yet when i look back on the NDP MP Svend Robinson that was caught , and did admit , stealing a $60,000.00 ring the media painted Svend as the victim and bought his Mental Illness scam.
      Svend was even coached to cry on TV during the press interview, as if a Doctor would traumatize a mental illness patient even further put him on TV to cry and be caressed by Libby Davies like some pathetic 7 year old that was caught setting of a Fire Alarm in school .

      I NEVER bought the story that Svend snapped form the Homophobic pressure in Canada .
      But why is $90,000.00 a crisis with full media coverage that wants to bash Harper for it , yet $60,000.00 for a NDP MP that is gay seems to be just fine while it was Jack Layton that welcomed back Svend to run for the MP seat in BC.
      Svend got a sweet deal from the Courts that no Black youth would ever get for a lesser crime under $5000.00.
      So much for Svend’s crusades for equal treatment in the Courts no matter the income or Social status, as soon as HE was facing an a$$ pounding Federal prison he quickly cried for the MSM and demanded the special Treatment as an MP.

  • mobuyus

    mike duffy tried putting his filthy hand up my Girlfriends skirt in 1983 in a Hull Quebec nightclub, She gave him a good shot to his fat face.

  • Tokenn

    Something I’m curious about is whether there are any more millionaire fanboys lurking around the PMO ready to pull out their chequebook to assist other government members in a state of financial embarrassment…

    • Minicapt

      Adscam remains only partially resolved: Mr Chretien has yet to be jailed.


  • Shebel

    Karma-is deadly.