Magnus Ranstorp, a terrorism expert at the Swedish National Defence College… you lost me there.

Copenhagen launches anti-radicalization plan

Anyone familiar with Sweden’s surrender can’t have much faith in their “terrorism expertise”

  • What a waste of time and money. Close down the mosques and arrest the mullahs.

    Quit being so stupidly PC.

    Islamic theology incites the religious fruitcakes. The mullahs whip them into a killing frenzy. And the Mosques act as central location for recruitment.

    And all this happens under the eyes of PC stupid dorks who can’t add 1 + 1.

  • luna

    The solution is simple enough, enact capital punishment for anyone accused of committing, inciting, or aiding Islamic jihad.

    • I agree with that. But, it is a after the fact solution to the problem. And Islam has way too many religious fruitcakes willing to die.

      We have to stop the attacks before they happen. And that requires dealing with Islamic theology head on.

      • luna

        Capital punishment for inciting Islamic jihad should cut down the problem.

        • The US military was killing them as fast as possible. But the supply of religious fruitcakes did not run out.

          We need to stop the creation of these brainwashed idiots.

          • luna

            I’m all for a multipronged approach to defeat Islam.

            However, it is our responsibility to protect and defend life & liberty. This requires that crimes such as sedition & insurrection must be dealt with swiftly & forcefully.

          • My multipronged approach:
            Arrest all mullahs.
            Close all mosques.
            No Islamic head garb.
            Anyone preaching Islamic hatred – off to jail.

            That will get it started. What do you want to add?

          • luna

            This will not work because sending them to jail is not a deterrent. It means providing them with all necessities of life, and the opportunity to network with other Muslims, and covert non-Muslims.

            As far as I am concerned anyone found guilty of committing, inciting, or aiding Islamic jihad should be put to death.

            Can promoting versus from the Quran be considered incitement? I would say that is ultimately something for the courts to decide, but in my opinion it could be.

          • luna

            I would add psyops, to defeat the enemies will to engage.

          • luna

            Shutting down all mosques is problematic because it drives both moderate and radical Muslims underground, making it more difficult to track them.

          • luna

            Execute the clerics inciting violence and you reduce the creation of these idiots.

          • Bingo!

  • Shebel

    I really do Respect any Religion that states my Immortal Soul is going to burn in the fires depths of Hell .
    Now go fekk your dead wife and kill your children for the Glory of Allah.