Japan’s Apologies for World War II

In a speech on Friday, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan reiterated his support for past official apologies for the country’s imperial expansionism and said Japan “did inflict immeasurable damage and suffering” on “innocent people.”

But he added, “We must not let our children, grandchildren, and even further generations to come, who have nothing to do with that war, be predestined to apologize.”


I think we should make Putin apologize for the Soviet Union invading Poland with their fellow socialist Hitler.

  • Alain

    He is correct about those who were born afterwards and had nothing to do with it not having to apologise. The same applies to us when it comes to slavery, residential schools and every other pet cause of the multitude of grievance mongers. Recognising this has nothing to do with excusing or condoning the atrocities committed by imperial Japan of the time. I also agree that Russia still needs to recognise and apologise for the atrocities committed by the Soviets; just as China needs to do for the immense damage and suffering inflicted on innocent people by the communists. As for me, my children and grandchildren we owe no apologies and I am fed up with grievance mongers.

    • I agree with all that.

    • Amen.

    • Dana Garcia

      Yes, blame the perps; leave the later generations alone. Human history is full of terrible barbarity, and it does need to be honestly recognized. But the apology hucksters are tiresome.

    • Russia will never do that. No one will make them.

  • Everyone Else

    Apologies feed hope of restitution which encourages blaming which nurtures feelings of victimization which creates anger which makes everything worse

    • I apologize.

      • Everyone Else

        apology shmapology

        this isn’t going to end until god apologizes for sending the snake into eden to tempt eve, and then we’re gonna be really pissed off

    • lolwut?

      Sorry to hear that.

  • John

    I won’t accept anything less as an apology than Yoko Ono singing a rousing rendition of “Imagine”
    …while in the nude…

    • That’s not an apology that’s a war crime.

    • mobuyus

      Anti apparelist!

  • It’s a long-time coming.

    it remains to be seen if South Korea et el will finally put this aside and focus on more current enemies (ie- Chinese-backed North Korea).

  • Gary

    Someone tell the Muslims and Imams that their quran should be purged of the commands to kill or convert the 6 billion non-muslims on Earth , this based on the rantings of a man 1400 years ago that heard voices in the head and orders his followers to slaughter all the unbelievers if they reject him as the prophet of Peace.

    I mention before that some anti-war yahoos in my area put up posters every August that demonizes the USA for the two bombs dropped on Japan to end the War in 1945.
    The leftist and communists linked to CUPE are targeting the immigrant population as if they are morons and village idiots that can’t read or do a Google search for Japan pre-1945.
    The NDP exploits the poor that their plight is Whitey’s fault and they owe you free money and housing .

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Someone should tell the people in my neighbourhood to stop naming things after another man who heard voices named Louis Riel.