Isil used chemical weapons against Kurds in Iraq, say German troops

German troops involved in a coalition training mission in Iraq have reported that Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) fighters have used chemical weapons on a Kurdish militia.

The German commanders, who have been mentoring the Kurds on Isil’s front lines in northern Iraq, sent an urgent message to the German defence ministry in Berlin after hearing that the Kurds had been attacked on Wednesday. The Kurdish fighters, whose militia is known as the Peshmerga, told the Germans that some had suffered severe burns to their bodies, while others had difficulty breathing.

US and French chemical weapons specialists arrived in the area on Thursday to take samples and determine whether chemical weapons had indeed been used.

  • When I was in the military, during a break, the expression was, if you got em, smoke em. (Referring to cigarettes.)

    The Islamic State equivalent is, if you got it use it. (Referring to weapons.)

    Remember that with Iran and nukes.

  • Dana Garcia

    Will diverse immigrants be bringing chemical weapons to a future jihad attack in the west? It’s a question I have.

  • glasnost

    When POTUS was briefed about the alleged use of mustard gas, Obamas response was: Dijon?

  • mobuyus

    I thought justin and tom said there were no allies any where near the front lines and Canada was all alone fighting isis, and here we have German Commanders right up there. Can these two pacific pacifistic parasites ever be trusted to actually know any thing of a military nature?Will our allies ever trust these nitwits and their socialist acolytes with any kind of information pertinent to a nations security.

    • Minicapt

      Both could volunteer for service as moving targets on a machine gun range.


  • Hard Little Machine

    Obama was heard saying it’s a red line or something.