Iran and Russia Play Obama for a Fool

The debate over the Iran nuclear deal in the United States long ago devolved into theater of the absurd – with an emphasis on the word “theater.”

The President of the United States has equated those who are concerned that the proposed accord lacks robust verification protocols and will leave Iran a well-armed, prosperous, threshold nuclear state within a decade of making common cause with the theocrats in Tehran. His aim, to mobilize a devoted core following of far-left liberals in order to pressure Congress not to reject the deal, is transparent. Secretary of State John Kerry has taken to defending the deal not on its merits but by scaring the public into fretting that the value of the dollar might collapse in the wake of a deal’s failure. Oh, and it would simply be bad form to “screw” the mullahs. Even those Democrats who do oppose this accord, like Senator Chuck Schumer, talk in blunt terms about the deal’s downsides but have not gone so far as to attempt to mobilize other influential Democrats against it. For your viewing pleasure, it is a dance in which the appearance of spontaneity is the design of the choreographers.

  • Obama is a fool.

    What the hell else could they play his as?

    • He is stupid evil.

    • Obama is a fool, yes, because Putin is more wily than he.

      Remember- Obama promised to aid Iran in 2008. This is one election promise that he fulfilled.

  • Shebel

    Obama has proved more than capable of destroying the USA.

    His protégée in Canada is not very bright–but Justin will try to be capable.

  • Minicapt

    Putin imitates the look of PE Trudeau.