Extremists in the Heart of Government

On my blog I place a great deal of focus on Europe as I believe that our future is being played out on their streets today.

Following is a link to a piece from the Gatestone Institute concerning the UK that could just as easily be written for Canada.

Extremists in the Heart of Government

A British government body responsible for monitoring the counter-terrorism procedures among Britain’s 44 police forces has admitted, the Daily Telegraph reports, to employing “one of Britain’s most notorious Islamic extremists.”

Abdullah Al-Andalusi, whose real name is Mouloud Farid, worked at Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, at which he was privy to “highly sensitive and classified police and intelligence information.”

Andalusi passed the required security checks despite his public reputation for collaborating with extremist groups such as Hizb ut-Tahrir, a global Islamist movement, and CAGE, a pro-jihadist group that worked closely with the ISIS executioner “Jihadi John.”

This is no surprise, it happens in Canada as well.

We are not as far down the Rabbit Hole as the UK or France but the tipping point is simply a matter of numbers, making immigration and refugee policy reform critical to our future.

The damage caused by our misguided policy of multiculturalism is another cause for concern.

Multiculturalism plays a large role in our elections.

Our politicians are for the most part driven by short term thinking with the goal of re-election being their principle motivation.

Despite the “good intentions” behind its creation multiculturalism has unsurprisingly morphed into a political tool whose purpose is to divide and conquer.

It creates ethnic strongmen whom our politicians obsequiously court in hope of securing a given bloc of votes.

It creates a perverse “new normal” that results in politicians who whether by accident or design find themselves in compromising situations.

It may be some are genuinely unaware of who they are dealing with, but rest assured others know full well and simply don’t give a damn.

Diversity in this context is not a strength, it is a weakness.

“Community cohesion” — a notorious term that I borrow from the UK,  that has meant, among other things, turning a blind eye to Muslim Rape Gangs — cannot be  sustained in a society pulled apart by the tribalism encouraged by multiculturalism.

Look to Europe, not for answers but as a warning of things to come.

  • truepeers

    It is inevitable that once you have “radicals” police are going to try to hire them to spy on them. The languages, for a start, are barriers to most anyone else. There are very very few seculars with the ability or courage to spy on Jihadis and there are Jihadis who want to play the police and/or disrupt rivals in Jihad. As you say,best not to have them in the first place.

    • It is a conundrum.

      • Frau Katze

        This won’t end well. But it’s inevitable, no politician wants to change it. A handful of much reviled “right-wing extremists” won’t manage when the conventional Left and Right, who for differing motives, are determined to push ahead.

        I can’t stand reading about it anymore. I can’t bring myself to read the news reports of the huge influx to Europe. I see them as titles on articles, but I can’t read them.

        • It is depressing.

        • Elephant in the Thread

          There is a lot of mental anxiety within the host populations of all the European countries. Canada as well. A strong argument could be made for low level psychological trauma being inflicted on these populations by their governments. When the trauma is summed together it makes for quite a problem which is being ignored. The politician care more about the mental state of people from other continents rather then the people of their own countries. They were voted in to look after the well being of their citizens and they are clearly fumbling the ball. Rarely do you see the psychological state of the host population being taken into consideration which as a result you’re seeing populations expressing their anger about this in different form through out Europe and North America.

          • Frau Katze

            Very much so. The politicians are ultimately care only of themselves (the Left hopes to import voters, the Right wants cheap labour).

            I’m disgusted with politicians.

      • Shebel

        It sure as fekk is and I for one, cannot comprehend why it is.
        Neither can my long dead relatives.

  • David

    “good intentions”

    What, pray tell, were they?

    • Well I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt;)

  • Gary

    I already assume that the Toronto Police and other large Forces that have pro-sharia Muslims under the Diversity scam have been covering up Honour killing and muslim rape-gangs as part of keeping the peace so muslims don’t riot and start beheading people in the workplaces as we now see elsewhere.

    Olivia Chow knew that the Diversity Cops in her China Town were NOT enforcing some of Canada’s laws on business owners because the Self-segregated bigots that have their own community within Canada are among THEIR kind and loyal to each other , not Canada.
    So why would a pro-sharia zone for Muslims be any different when Muslim Cops are parachuted into Little somalia or Little palestine .

    Toronto is already a Majority refugee/immigrant City that out numbers Citizens born here , so I can’t wait until it goes full minorities and 90% non-whites .
    With no more Whitey’s to blame their ills on , who will they pick to bash along with the problem of Diversity quotas when 50,000 new people pour into Toronto as refugees or Immigrants which means that the Public Sector either gets more bloated with fake jobs, or has to find a group to no longer hire or even lay-off and replace with a new minority.

    CAIR has had Sheema Khan since 9/11/01 to cry islamophobia and use it to get Muslim Brotherhood linked muslims into all levels of Security and Government in the guise of the Moderate Peaceful muslims.
    Khan jumped ship from CAIR right after it was exposed in 2009 for funding hamas and terrorism in general.
    Sadly, the Globe & Mail doesn’t read other news papers and still has Khan doing pro-sharia Whahhabi OP-ED’s that bash Canada and may have incited the Toronto 18 muslim terrorists along with the new trend for Mosques to repeat Khan’s rants and radicalize male youths to go Jihad .

    • Justin St.Denis

      Toronto will become Canada’s Detroit. It is already halfway there.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Faster Pussycat!
        And by the way, my safe word is ‘don’t stop’.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I’ve heard of Andalucía from the Clash song Spanish Bombs.
    Could it be that this guys name is a Moorish wish to retake Spain?

    • Frau Katze

      Wouldn’t surprise me, the Islamists are obsessed with Spain. It was once Muslim and must return to that state.