Canada’s 26 Million In Foreign Aid To Sudan Helps Them Whip A 19 Year Old Christian Girl #elxn42

A young Christian woman has been sentenced by a court in Sudan to 20 lashes and a fine for “indecent dress,” her lawyer said. Her crime? Wearing trousers.

Fardos Al-Toum, age 19, was one of 10 young women students arrested outside a church in Khartoum on June 25 for wearing jeans and long shirts, according to the group’s lawyer, Muhamad Mustafa.


What the hell is wrong with our government?

We gave Sudan, a Muslim hell hole 26 Million dollars in 2014. 

Sudan’s murderous president Omar al-Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes. 

Why are they giving our money to Muslim maniac nations that enjoy torturing Christians to please their Satanic Allah?

  • Minicapt

    Because Canada’s “public servants” and their unions are entwined with the New Democrat Party which is part of Socialist International, which support indigenous political ‘movements’, such as the patriotic Bashir.


    • That is all too likely the case.

    • Liberal Progressive

      If we offer to quintuple the aid on the condition they stop any human rights abuses I bet that would help!

  • African

    The West, Canada included, is hugely pro-islam and pro-gay but hate Christians and want them all dead! To me, muslims and Westerners are the two sides of the same coin. Both are very bad and both are in deep agreement to destroy Christianity and murder and persecute Christians.

  • Alain

    Isn’t it grand how our government so loves to fund all the Swiss bank accounts of just about every tyrant, dictator and terrorist organisation. Make no mistake that is exactly where most of the money ends up.

  • Petrilla

    Which leader is most likely to go to bat for these about to be flogged Christian girls in Sudan? The Yazidi enslaved and raped girls? Do any Canadians running for PM care? I am not seeing it. It’s as if none of this matters to them, but it does to many fair minded Canadians. I am angered by the Canadian taxpayer money doled out to these vicious and hate filled regimes. Canadian taxpayers need to ask direct questions about who exactly we are supporting in their own countries and why Canadians do not want them here.

    • I agree not a cent should go to support a war criminal’s regime.

      • Gary

        Sadly , our Charter Of Rights and Refugee system welcomes these dictators that get into Canada knowing the Liberal and NDP will support them staying in Canada for fear of harm if hey are sent back home .
        The Somali war Lord’s wife ( 1990’s ) is still in Canada on welfare , even when the media showed her in California visiting one of her sons at his mansion .
        Far too many Somali mosques are pumping out terrorists .

    • Canadian

      We need a REAL conservative party.

  • BillyHW

    Foreign aid is a big scam.

    • One of the biggest.

      • Gary

        The leftist progressives are running this scam to get jobs as a NGO in Canada while they direct money to nations in the guise of them being productive and buying items from Canada one day.

        But the truth is that this foreign aid is like the Cops telling you right after your store was robbed that you should be happy because the crook may come back one day and buy something from you.

        • DD_Austin

          Actually the money is usually given so that the country will
          “buy” something from a canadian company at a inflated price
          that they really have no use for,

          Then said “canadian” company then gives a healthly donation
          (10%) to the political party that arranged said “aid”