Afghan clerics declare Jihad against Pakistan amid growing violence

Outraged with a series of deadly attacks in capital Kabul the Afghan religious clerics declared Jihad against Pakistan by gathering in the scene of truck bombing in Shah Shaheed area where at least 15 people were killed and near 400 others were wounded last week.

The religious clerics condemned the deadly attack and blamed certain elements in Pakistan for being involved behind the attacks.

A member of the religious clerics council Mawlavi Ahmad Gul called on all parties involved in the ongoing violence and war in the country to let the Afghan people live in peace.

He said the Afghan people are Muslims and insisted that Jihad is eligible against Pakistan’s military intelligence – Inter Service Intelligence and Punjabi military, insisting the country’s army and intelligence is directly involved in the ongoing violence and savagery in Afghanistan.

  • luna

    Isis already claimed they have about 2 billion dollars and they want to buy wmd from Pakistan. Instability could create more opportunity for a weapon deal.

  • marty_p

    A Pakistan vs Afghanistan war would be great (remember the Iran Iraq war?)- let the fun begin. Where is Allah going to find all the virgins to give out in Paradise?

    • luna

      If it could only be contained.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The Afghans are justified.