We must be free to hurt Muslims’ feelings

Following the hacking to death of yet another Bangladeshi secularist blogger, a Bangladeshi police chief has come up with an idea for how these gruesome murders might be halted: secularists should stop criticising religion. Yes, according to Shahidul Haque, the problem is not the machetes being wielded by the intolerant Islamists who can handle no questioning of their beliefs; no, it’s the blasphemous words being published on the blogs of secularists, atheists and free thinkers. If only these people would stop expressing their beliefs, or their lack of belief, then they wouldn’t run the risk of being slaughtered. They ‘crossed the line’, said Haque.

If they would just stop ‘hurting religious sentiment’, then they’d be okay.

  • The only way to be truly free to hurt Muslims’ feelings – in other words to be free of their violent reactions – is for them to not be in our countries.

  • Dana Garcia

    Liberals like free speech only when it benefits them, not as a basic principle.

  • Petey

    I don’t personally like it much when people say “mean” things to me (it’s offends my religious sensibilities). In fact, I consider that that would definitely be crossing a line and if it happened, I would then be forced to get out my machete, like those poor offended fellows in Bangladesh. What do the free speech “butt boys” say to that?

  • Petey

    Appeasement, yes, that has always work.

    After reading about Indonesia’s turning to radical Islam I know the Third World War is going to look nothing like any of us could have imagined. Having Russia and even China as allies, regardless of being of convenience, is going to be critical.

    • Petey the First

      Just so you all know, there are two Petey’s around. I’m the one that’s been posting awhile but I’ve changed my name slightly to avoid confusion.

  • pdxnag

    Isn’t this a bit like saying that a sex slave’s problem is their refusal to submit?