WATCH EPA chief finally apologize (not really) for toxic Colorado river spill

Days later, the head of the EPA finally “apologized” for the agency’s role in dumping millions of gallons of toxic mining sludge into a Colorado river.

  • Who will protect the environment from the so-called protectors of the environment.? This criminal negligence certainly merits a prison term of some years.

    • Will any government employee lose his/her job over this fiasco?

  • angrymike

    It was a set up to get superfund money, don’t know if you’ve seen, but a geologist, or something, warned a week before that it would happen, and with this regime, I don’t doubt it……..

    • mauser 98

      they will do anything

  • The Butterfly

    Growing evidence out there that this was deliberate.

  • Frances

    Now they’re blaming a contractor. But what was anyone doing mucking about on this dyke?

  • WalterBannon


    Environment Polluting Agency