UK: Police refuse to name ten long-term on the run suspects – because it would breach their privacy!

Police today refused to name ten long term on-the-run suspects – including some wanted for murder and rape – because they said it would be an unfair breach of their privacy.

In an extraordinary move West Midlands Police refused to identify the group who have been wanted for a least a decade.

They cited “data protection rights.”

h/t ZD

  • Alain

    Canada has the same nonsense. When I worked for federal corrections an inmate who claimed to be HIV positive bit a married male correctional officer with small children during a riot. The correctional officer and his wife asked for confirmation or denial of the HIV positive claim. Ottawa refused to say one way or another claiming it would be a violation of the said inmate’s privacy. Corrections actually had the information since their health care service but would not release it. Image a young married couple with small children left in this condition.

  • Oracle9

    Justin Trudeau weighed in in similar fashion just a couple of days ago, on Harper’s proposal that we criminalize Canadians intent on joining up with barbarians, Trudeau is concerned about their “rights”.

    P-C leftists have distorted every value in our liberal democracies – seems when they get finished with the idea of “rights”, their work in the creation of Utopia will be pretty much done.

    • Alain

      Indeed. For the Left only criminals have rights; never the victims.

      • Canadian

        As if they were all lawyers.

  • eMan14

    Are they Asians?

  • vimy

    If you breach laws you forfeit your rights. Thats what I think

  • ed

    main reason they are all ” cultural enrichers ” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marty_p

    This is no different than the TV, radio and newspaper pleas for people to help catch a perpetrator ….”Police are looking for a man seen fleeing the scene of the murder/robbery/rape… if you have seen a man please call Toronto Police at 222-Tips”

    • mobuyus

      I think I saw him.