There was a 1st??? Baghdad announces ‘second phase’ of Ramadi campaign

No one can tell what if anything was accomplished in the 1st Phase.

Obaidi said the second phase of liberation is underway and Iraqi security forces are in control of Anbar. The defense minister stressed that ISIS has lost its once-formidable military power.

Farhan Mohammed, a member of the Anbar provincial council, told Rudaw in June that there was little cooperation between the disparate Iraqi forces. He said the delay in the campaign was to allow for US military advisers to train Sunni tribal fighters and Iraqi forces.

ISIS seized Ramadi in May in what is considered one of the jihadists’ most important victories.

Iraq’s military campaign to push ISIS out of Sunni-majority Anbar province was launched in early June with so far few results.


Don’t know about you guys but I’m beginning to have serious doubts about our Mid-East allies…

  • Millie_Woods

    I’m beginning to have serious doubts about our Mid-East allies…

    They pretend they’re our allies and we pretend we’re helping them.

  • moraywatson

    Rule #1: If they are muslim, they are not our allies.

    • olyllattoka

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  • luna
  • Ed

    “Ally” means someone who’s on your side. Middle easterners can never be an “ally.” You turn around and they’ll stab you in the back. Every time.

  • Nic

    Phase 1) Run away like a bunch of ninnies – check

    Phase 2) ?????

    Phase 3) SUCCESS!

  • Minicapt

    Both sides has Arab warriors. The ISIS advantage is that not all its leaders are Arab.