The troubled ex-informers neglected by MI5

When a terrorist group is active in the UK — as Islamist extremists and dissident republicans are at the moment — there is no more essential figure in the prevention of carnage than an agent working for the security services. Reliable intelligence is what defuses bombs, intercepts arms caches, and apprehends suspects. Its acquisition can involve unimaginable personal risks, in circumstances of nerve-shredding tension. We should all be grateful, but most of us never get to know what to say thank you for, or to whom. An agent’s success manifests itself in nothing happening. Its continued value depends on secrecy.

Is MI5 grateful on our behalf?

  • Because a lot of these things fall under the Official Secrets Act which holds things confidential for an insanely long time, it is doubtful that the entire story- or the defense or the indictment of MI-5- will be known.


    If these allegations are true, MI-5 will be in a spot of bother when it really needs some informants but people would rather drink a bowl of wax than help MI-5 out.

    • El Martyachi

      What flavour wax? Asking for a friend..

  • simus1

    The upper echelons are never happy when there are excessive numbers of burned out or surplus to requirement lower ranks hanging about. Too much time and cash involved. Not unlike the attitude of the elites to the white and black working classes with their backward Christian beliefs that are always interfering with the “hard choices” logical progressives deem necessary to keep their Utopian plans on schedule.