The aftermath

Excellent photos of the aftermath from yesterday’s explosion in China.

china explosion

  • luna

    The National Earthquake Bureau reported two major blasts before midnight local time – the first with an equivalent of 3 tons of TNT, and the second with the equivalent of 21 tons.

    Meanwhile, one resident of Beijing told MailOnline via email: ‘Our cellphones here are receiving warnings that between 4.50am to 5.35am local time based on wind currents that toxic fumes from the explosions will reach Beijing.

    ‘We are being urged to keep doors and windows closed and avoid going outside. The worst part is that these are then followed by the advice that if you must go out wear a surgical mask.

  • John

    Montréal’s CJAD interviewed a Westerner who lived nearby. He said the explosion blew the doors of his house right off their hinges. At first he thought it was a nuclear bomb. Luckily he wasn’t injured.

    • Yup I posted a vid yesterday showing a guy standing in front of double glass doors in a lobby, just blown right off the hinges.

  • Clausewitz

    Chinese work safety theory in action.