Peter Beinart Now Claiming Iran Isn’t a Threat to Israel

Is there anything that discredited hack Peter Beinart won’t claim? After the failure of Open Zion, Beinart is now just trolling for Haaretz with increasingly ridiculous pieces. His latest claims that Iran isn’t an existential threat to Israel.

Why? Because there are Jews living in Iran. And they haven’t been killed yet. Have they?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Beinart burned his bridges when he broke with Martin Peretz and left The New Republic.

    • There is a Commentary piece on Chuck Schumer coming up at 8:30 EST – not very flattering at all re; his Iran Deal posturing.

  • Martin B

    The Nazis never managed to kill every Jew in Germany. So by Beinart’s logic…

  • Al_the_Fish

    And tigers aren’t endangered because there are some in a zoo. Same difference. Feel free to use my analogy, with attribution of course.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Follow the money. He’s in the pay of Nazis, Iran, Hamas.

    • There is a host of pundits out there who I suspect are on the payroll.