Obama Sacrifices the Democratic Brand to His Legacy

One of the most remarkable accomplishments of the Obama presidency is that he has undermined virtually all of the few but nevertheless enduring foreign policy achievement of Jimmy Carter’s administration. But the latest example of the Obama administration’s shortsighted effort to slough off the vestiges of the past regardless of their merit is perhaps the most egregious.

  • simus1

    Rating pathetic drivel like this article is very difficult.
    Perhaps it is satire.

  • Obama’s Middle East policy has been a total disaster for the forces of reason. At the same time he has helped the spread of the radical factions of the Islamic cult.

    His Iranian policy is setting up a large military confrontation (Shia, Sunni, Israeli). When it happens, it will, at least for some time, stop the flow of oil out of the Persian Gulf. And the US could be caught in the crossfire.

    The democratic party is responsible for this. May they pay the price at the next election.