Muslim thinks himself above the law – Islamic “education” centre to be demolished

Council moves in to tear down education centre at Longsight mosque

This is a rare event for the UK.

h/t ZD

  • Ed

    A dog on a walk shits on the nearest lawn. Bring in Pakis and they’ll do what they do…

  • Alain

    Devout Muslims are not obligated to obey any law that comes from “infidels”.

  • Yo Mama

    There is a muslim centre on the north side of Bloor Street just west of Dufferin in Toronto.

    What I have found interesting is how often I have been by there after midnight and at times a lot people are having meetings there.

    What sort of religious centre has meetings after midnight?

    • None of em work.

    • luna

      According to the website this lying PoS is runs that center.

      • Anon E Mouse

        That group is as likely an education center as the one run by Heinrich Himmler.

        Let’s hope CSIS is monitoring those strange hour gatherings.

  • Canadian

    He`s not above the law.
    The law simply doesn`t exist for him.

  • bob e

    hope they use our russian friends to demolish the place .. no tellin’
    what will happen ..

  • ed

    Manchester city council built a huge 13 million pound “Pakistan ” only community center in longsight 10 years ago , longsight is a 4 square mile area of Manchester and now has 32 mosques .it is a third world shite-hole [ed ex Manchester now east Cheshire ]