Mali: Cocaine Cash Fuels Terrorist Comeback

Despite the presence of 3,000 African and French peacekeepers in the north small numbers of Islamic terrorists are getting from camps in southern Libya to central and southern Mali, or are they. These groups have made credible claims for some recent attacks in southern Mali but another source of these Islamic terrorists are the southern neighbors of Mali. French and American intelligence analysts are still studying the evidence to get a better idea of there the Islamic terrorists are coming from. There are still plenty of Islamic terrorists in southern Libya, but getting through the north undetected is difficult. Some individuals will make it, usually unarmed, but the attackers in the south have weapons and explosives. That is believed to be from drug money. AQIM (Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb) and other Islamic terrorist groups control a lot of the drug smuggling from Central Africa to the north. That cash buys access as well as weapons and useful helpers.