In defense of Roosh: The man the social justice warriors can’t beat

“…What SJW’s, leftists, socialists, and other vermin of society are used to is a tired, old, and worn out tactic of silencing somebody they disagree with or threatens to expose them for the parasites they are by accusing them of an “ism” (racism, sexism, ageism, etc.,) which in turn then threatens that individual’s career and thus livelihood. Mozilla firing Brendan Eich, Dr. Palmer’s shooting of Cecil, doxxing and SWATing, even I’ve had people try to tell my clients I wrote “mean racist things.”

  • Alain

    Even though I know nothing about this guy I know all I need to know in that he refused to surrender to the brown shirt fascists. That alone gives him my admiration whether I agree or disagree with him on everything else. I note without any surprise that the odd time when the tables are turned on this mob, they get extremely upset. I refer to Trump providing the cell number of an idiot bimbo for one.