Desperate Schumer Gives Us His Real Answer

Senator Chuck Schumer has heard from the White House and its left-wing cheerleaders for the nuclear deal with Iran. Last week he announced his opposition to the pact in terms that make clear how dangerous it is because there is no sign that Iran is changing and the U.S. “would be better off” without it. Refusing President Obama’s demand that he back the deal was no easy thing for a highly partisan Democrat slated to become his party’s Senate leader in 2017. But, as Politico reports, Schumer is covering all his bases. The furious pushback from the administration against him is sending a strong signal not only about the current Iran vote but to intimidate pro-Israel Democrats from dissenting from what will follow against Israel as Obama pursues an Iran-centric policy in the Middle East. But instead of showing real courage — and perhaps risking his chance to succeed Harry Reid – Schumer is assuring other senators that he has no intention of trying to influence their votes. What might have been a Profiles in Courage moment for Schumer is turning into an undignified humiliation.