Clinton Campaign Denial Strategy Not Working

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign was forced to reach out to her supporters to reassure them that all the news they’ve been hearing about investigations of the candidate’s emails was nothing to worry about. As Politico reported, campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri fired off a 700-word missive that insisted that the latest bombshells to explode during this summer from hell for the former secretary of state was mere noise they should ignore. Her goal was to keep donors and activists repeating their main talking point: “there is absolutely no criminal inquiry into Hillary’s email or email server.” Clinton loyalists have been conditioned to think of all of her scandals as political attacks from the “vast right wing conspiracy” against the former first family. Yet clinging to the presumption of innocence afforded all those under investigation by the authorities isn’t the ideal stance for a presidential candidate. It may be difficult to believe that the Justice Department of a Democratic administration will ever treat her the way they would anyone else in this position and slam her and her aides with indictments. But at some point the Clinton camp is going to have to realize that denial is not going to be enough to keep her leaky ship afloat.