Brit tourists ‘run for lives’ as Turkish hotel staff stage sick Tunisia-style terror PRANK

TERRIFIED British tourists ran for their lives after hotel staff in Turkey posed as so-called Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists in a tasteless poolside prank.

Workers are reported to have donned traditional Arab clothing while carrying fake machine guns stunned holidaymakers in Icmeler, Turkey, just six weeks after 38 people were gunned down in the Tunisia beach massacre.

One horrified Briton even revealed how he had liquid from a bottle marked “Fuel” poured over him by a mock terrorist – who then pulled out a lighter.

h/t Suze

  • LauraS

    Trying to be sympathetic, but what on earth are they doing vacationing in a Muslim hellhole like Turkey? Wise folks who value their lives don’t fund terrorist supporting scum by spending vacation dollars in Muslim countries. If this HAD been a terrorist slaughter, it would have been Darwinism at work.

    • Good question.

      • NoPasaran

        Because it’s cheap. Turkish Airlines is subsidized out the wazoo. They used to go to Bulgaria and Romania.

        • Alain

          So in other words they consider their own lives and safety cheap.

    • olyllattoka

      work at home $509.96./day




    • favill

      Interesting thought. When I finished my 2007 tour of duty in Afghanistan, instead of getting us to Cyprus (as had been done in the past) due to our small numbers we were relegated to spend our decompression in a 5-star resort in Dubai…it wasn’t so bad when we first got there because the view was awesome, the tourists were Russian mafia accompanied by their eye-candy girlfriends, and the wait-staff and band were Filipinos. However, about two or three hours into our “decompression” a Muslim man, his two wives (in burqas) and their gaggle of kids walked by the pool….I stopped “decompressing” once I saw that. At the end of my tour in ’10, we were sent to Cyprus, which allowed us to truly decompress. I think the powers that be realized that you can’t decompress in a Muslim resort–if you’ve spent the last 6+ months eyeing these mofos waiting for them do something stupid.

      • NoPasaran

        You should have gone to Beirut. Hell, it’s where even Cypriots go to loosen up.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        You should have gone to Israel. It is far safer than any Muslim country, the watering holes have no closing laws, and this is all over the beaches.

  • luna

    It would have been interesting if anyone (guest or security) fought back.

  • Dana Garcia

    Amazing nobody got hurt. If somebody poured a strange liquid on me, amusement would not be my reaction.

    But then I wouldn’t be vacationing among choppers.

  • Exile1981

    And they are our nato partner.

    • luna


  • truepeers

    Prank? If you can call taking pleasure in sadistic “humor” a prank… The point being these people surely have a strong identification with/ desire for terrorist Jihad. They weren’t ready to go the full step but couldn’t stop from going at least half way. Many silently, and not so quietly, identify with ISIS as these guys proove.

  • New Centurion

    Those crazy Muslims! What cut ups! Over sensitive Westerners what whiners…

  • Xavier

    It’s really too bad no one gave them a triple tap.

  • WalterBannon

    nuke turkey

  • Ho Hum

    I think Brits are crazy to be vacationing in places like Turkey and Egypt. I know Istanbul used to be a great place for tourists but today I think the risk of getting killed or kidnapped by ISIS are too great.

  • mikeh420

    Servers them right. Who in their right mind would go to a Muslim country for a holiday?