Will Britain Pass the Choudary Test?

If there was a single flaw in the British Prime Minister’s recent speech on countering extremism in the UK, it might be encapsulated in the name “Anjem Choudary.” His speech went into terrific detail on the significance of tacking radicalism through the education system, the Charity Commission, the broadcasting license authority and numerous other means. But it failed the Choudary test.

That test is: What do you do about a British-born man who is qualified to work but appears never to have done so, and who instead spends his time taking his “dole” money and using it to fund a lifestyle devoted solely to preaching against the state?


He’s gotten away with so much for so long I am near convinced he is in fact working for Brit intelligence and finally an article addresses my suspicion.

  • Gary

    The idiots in charge don’t get it, they think that they can deradicalize muslims with the same quran Andy uses to radicalize them .

  • Canadian

    I`d love to see that smirk explode!

  • disqusW6sf

    Disagree with double negative whammy of creation of English Defence League. If we’re to put up with Choudry and his followers we need the English Defence League. Douglas is becoming part of the establishment it sounds like….