Why Canada’s Left Has Lost My Vote #elxn42

The Western world’s flaccid response to threats posed by the forces of Islamism is best described by the British author Theodore Dalrymple in his book, The New Vichy Syndrome: Why European Intellectuals Surrender to Barbarism.

Referring to the Danish cartoon controversy of 2005-2006, Dalrymple writes, we are “virtually giving in to demands that certain important subjects (like Islamism) henceforth be placed, de facto, off limits for discussion.” Dalrymple writes it was obvious that for the West, “the quiet life was clearly preferred to the costs of securing a free one; if only we appeased enough, there would be peace in our time.”

  • Gary

    I was talking to a women in my area that has two room they rent out to foreign students, seems that one of them claimed they were a Whahhabi Sunni Saudi .
    I questioned her on how the person can be a Whahhabi Muslim from Saudi Arabia and yet is allowed to live with a unmarried women that also dresses casual around the house since it is a Commune style with a shared living room and kitchen.
    She defended him by telling me that he goes to a mosque and prays along with reading the quran.
    I then said that he must be a moderate living inside the Country but must obey the religious laws when in public , for some reason the women felt she should start to bash Israel over the 1 lone psycho that attacked a muslim home .

    And YES, she is a Teacher steeped in the jew-hatred and has drank the kool-ade about islam=peace just because Barbara Hall and the Lesbia Wynne allowed 2 Mosques in our Public school even though these god haters worked to kick Jesus out .
    I asked her if she has read the quran , she said yes and then said it the same as the Bible.

    There you have it folks, no wonder the schools are pumping out morons and that Wynne is promoting islam in the schools as she also pushing the homoerotic sex-ed while the TDSB endorses the PRIDE parade .
    The islamists have found a quarry of useful idiots in the TDBS and Public sector along with the NDP and Liberal party , these groups will be the first one killed under sharia law.

    • DMB

      Perhaps you should have shown her the Quranic teachings about women in Islam. If she still defends them then she will be at fault if she is assaulted or killed by these people for her willful ignorance. http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/quran/010-women-worth-less.htm

      • Alain

        While I don’t know this particular woman, she seems to be too far gone for that. I say this from personal experience with that type.

    • Alain

      I have encountered the same kind of brain-dead idiots and there is no shortage of them.

  • jayme

    I rather like and respect Tarek Fatah, given what I’ve read by him. Unfortunately, as a thinking man, someone who supports women’s equality and the separation of Mosque and State, I don’t think he speaks for many of his fellow Muslims – or Leftists either.

    • Alain

      No, he clearly does not speak for the majority of Muslims, and in fact is seen as a heretic or apostate by them. His view of Islam appears to be more of a cultural thing. I have no doubt he is a nice and well educated man otherwise.

  • Alain

    I must object to only Mulcair’s mug representing the Left in Canada, since Trudeau and May are just about as Left, if not more in some areas, than angry Tom.