Swedish Media and Government Covering Up Ikea Terror Attack …AT LEAST ONE VICTIM BEHEADED



Dr. Carolin Herlin, victim of Islam

Mirjam Tapper posts that she has seen photos sent to here from someone that was at the crime scene.

“Just seen a couple of pictures taken by a visitor at IKEA. The images and text to them had legs almost give way under me. If the photos are authentic (I have no reason to believe that they are not) it shows that what many long feared has now happened in Sweden. The murders appear to be sheer terror act.
And performed in the most brutal manner.
I was furious when Rapport journalist yesterday commented on the murders and the victims’ situation, “they had the maximum of bad luck.” And the police called it a crazy deed.
In any country except this one had this incident prompted a comment from the government, but here dismissed it as an event any of the flow of violence. And it only blinds and silences. I feel anger, disappointment and contempt for this country’s politicians that left / leaves his people in the lurch and exposes the social experiment that has fatal consequences. Sweden is sick, very, very sick and it needs to recover. Am glad I do not have to stay here longer. I have much to compare to when I lived in many countries in Europe, follow the news in three languages in addition to Swedish, and I am excited to the core of ignorance in Sweden.

(The record is updated) I have not used me of the Swedish media at all. They spoke black in the first twelve hours. The fact that no Swedish politician has spoken out here 24 hours, seems very odd and cowardly. It dawns Now that the victims are a completely random mother and son. Victims are Carola Herlin , Skelleftea (55) and Emil Herlin (28). The woman appears to be decapitated , according to unconfirmed sources.


Here is an interview Dr. Herlin two months before she was murdered

  • I would not be surprised, the Swedish media was essentially forced to admit they were “asylum seekers” according to this article:


    • Try as the will, the Swedish leftist elites cannot keep this quiet.

      “Head rolling in a Swedish IKEA store”, it sounds like a bad dream.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Freedom of the press does not include collusion with the ruling political parties and government.
    They really are not substantially different than the old Soviet media system, except in this case they are filled with willing “true believers”.

    • Alain

      Spot on. That is exactly though what we have in every country in the West other than independent blogs and the odd other source of news. They might as well be state owned and controlled. That they are not and choose to be propagandists for leftist governments makes them even worse in my opinion.

    • Exactly. Knowledge is power — everyone knows this. And the media controls knowledge. Subsequently, the public — now left ignorant and bereft of information that is actually directly of value to their lives — are in a terribly weakened position.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Good. Behead more people. It’s their process. Always follow the process.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      You do realize that after they have reached critical mass in Europe that they WILL finish the holocaust.
      You do know that right?
      Besides, Sweden did shelter a lot of Jews from the Nazis in WWII.
      You knew that too, right?

      • Hard Little Machine

        For the 3,000 Jews left in all of Sweden, pack a bag and leave. The rest of Sweden can burn to the ground screaming. And for the rest of Europe the same goes. There’s a window of opportunity for as many of the last million Jews in all of Europe who feel motivated to save themselves to make plans to leave. The ship is on fire and sinking. If they don’t want to leave, then that’s on them. And as for the rest of Europe, you can’t say they weren’t warned. Who really should worry about it at that point? I know I won’t. I hope 20 million more ‘refugees’s float there and set the whole continent on fire. You bring the lawn chairs I’ll bring the Smores. Barbeque Akbar Mullahfukaz.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          Your hatred of Europeans makes you irrational.

          • Hard Little Machine

            It’s not hate it’s survival. For a thousand years they erected their culture on Jewish corpses. Fair enough. When you show no mercy you will be shown none. I hope they enjoy their mutal admiration society under Mohammed’s flag.

          • pike bishop

            Being wary of Europeans, given their history and ours, seems rational to me.

  • Elephant in the Thread

    The Swedish Government like any government is to govern in the best interests of it’s people not people from around the globe. They created and acted on these immigration policies resulting in the death and rapes of their citizens and it absolutely not in their best interest. How can the public not see something so is so crystal clear?

    • Alain

      I remain much more concerned that our own country is following the same road, just not yet as far along the same road. The same is happening to one degree or another in every country in the West.

  • Elephant in the Thread

    If one or a few people are hurt or killed because of a government policy the left are the first to shriek and change laws in their societies to resolve the situation. However when it comes to immigration policies they could care less who or how many are hurt or killed because thinking otherwise would make them feel guilty or perhaps racist. Incredibly selfish and hypocritical on their parts.

  • Martin B

    “The fact that no Swedish politician has spoken out over 24 hours, seems very odd and cowardly”

    Doctor Herlin & her son were disposable, like all ordinary citizens. Until Swedish politicians start getting beheaded nothing will change.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The Golden Rule as expressed in the Book of Leviticus is, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” It is not, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor more than thyself.” Leftists, including the ruling Swedish party, are generally too stupid to make that distinction, which is why they have imperiled the lives of their citizens as well as looking foolish.

  • CoolTolerance

    The photos are showing up everywhere in North American blogs but not in Europe. What to say about the crazy world we live in?
    All I can say is thank you, many times THANK YOU to the Internet and that courageous Swedish woman who dared speak about it on her Facebook page.

  • ed

    ” vlad tepes ” blog has the pics [ ed uk ]

  • I don’t think the killers were there for the meatballs.

  • Exile1981

    So we have a muslim import killing with a knife a random doctor and her son… want to bet he yelled the catch phrase of terror and we are just not being told?

    On the topic of ikea banning the selling of knives – the stores would be safer if they banned muslims.