Surrender to Obama on Iran Détente Isn’t an Option

Israel is faced with a dilemma. From right to left, its leading parties agree with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the Iran nuclear pact is a disaster for the Middle East and the Jewish state. But given the absolute determination of the Obama administration to get its way on the pact, some are asking at what point does this battle reach the point where Israel’s opposition becomes a self-destructive last stand that could affect the future of its relationship with its sole superpower ally. The ruthless manner with which the president has chosen to insult all critics of the pact and to single out Israel for opprobrium on the issue is a matter of grave concern not only for the government but for AIPAC and those who have worked to build and strengthen the vast bipartisan pro-Israel consensus in the United States. Since President Obama is likely to win the fight to sustain a veto of a resolution opposing the deal, that has caused even some in Israel and in the pro-Israel community here who oppose Obama on Iran to wonder whether it is time to wave the white flag or at least tone down their opposition. But while it is reasonable to think seriously about the impact of the current battle on the future of the alliance, now is not the time for supporters of Israel to back down. That’s because the debate isn’t merely about a nuclear deal but whether the U.S. is opting out of the fight against Iranian-backed terrorism and its ambition for regional hegemony.