Sixth Planned Parenthood Video: Organs Harvested Without Patient’s Consent

The sixth investigative Center For Medical Progress video, released today, does not include the graphic images some of the others do, but it may be the most disturbing one yet. Despite Planned Parenthood’s insistence that women are fully informed before human organs and tissues are procured from their abortions, this video makes clear that that is not always the case.

The video features Holly O’Donnell, the pro-life licensed phlebotomist from the first installment, describing the uncaring, assembly-line approach to abortions at the Planned Parenthood clinic she was assigned to in Fresno.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    As much as I think she was Hitler in a skirt, that comment of hers, taken from a letter, is somewhat ambiguous.
    If you read the whole letter, it’s not really clear if that WAS her plan, or if she was just fearful of it being seen that way.
    Like I said, it’s ambiguous.

    • Somewhat, but taken in the context of prior statements it is not.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        All I know is the contented feeling I get knowing that this is only the latest video in a Chinese water torture series of drips.
        They must have a bunch of these in the vault.

  • Of course there was no consent. Money was to be made.

  • Gary

    But she meant well.
    I doubt much will happen becsaue the TDSB and Blacks don’t care that they exalt Che Guevara even when he said that Blacks were lazy Nigg**s and budens on societies.

    Justin endorses the Gender-cide abortion to BROWN babies as part of getting the South Asian votes in the GTA, then he goes to a radical jew-hating anti-gay Mosque to tell them he supports their rights to practice sharia law, this, prior to flying off to a PRIDE parade to tell them he defends their rights.