No. I would not attempt this.

With the snowy mountains and beautiful forests of British Columbia in the background, Spencer Seabrooke certainly chose an impressive location for his record breaking challenge.
Yet the video of the daredevil slackliner almost ends in tragedy within the first twenty seconds as Seabrooke slips off the rope and nearly falls to his death.

  • The Butterfly

    It takes a special gene on a 47th chromosome to accomplish this.

    • Would that be the Death Wish gene?

      • Dana Garcia

        Or the guy needs to have a near-death experience to get a buzz.

        Couple vodkas work for me.

  • Wow. Some people are amazing. Guts – all the more so because he almost fell at the beginning. Yet he got up and kept going.

  • SDMatt

    I’ve become fascinated by recently-deceased Dean Potter ever since I saw a bio on him – it terrified me just to look at the stuff he could do.

    This doesn’t give you a good sense of danger but it is a beautiful bit of video

  • Clink9

    One of my favorite thrill seekers. Death is not certain if you mess up but it will ruin your day.

  • Xavier

    Just looking at the still frame gives me the willies.
    Ain’t no way I’m watching that video.

  • lolwut?

    I’ll give it a shot, Hold my beer.

  • Shebel

    Betcha, Spencer wishes he was born a few centuries ago– when you could experience the adrenaline rush of Battle with nothing more than a sword and a shield to protect you.

  • Minicapt

    “… afternoon delights!”


  • disqus_W6sf

    not bad at all.

  • ntt1

    that’s my backyard ,still a lot of smoke from various bush fires. Squamish always looks good from a distance.

  • bob e

    whoa ..