Muslims Of Islamic State ‘behead Croatian hostage ‘ as ransom deadline expires

An image of a man’s body lying on the sand with his decapitated head in the middle of his back and a knife plunged into the sand next to him is circulating on social media.

The horrific picture, believed to have been taken in Egypt, is accompanied by a caption in Arabic, which reads: “The murder of Croatian prisoners, his participation in the war against the Islamic State.”

croation hostage killed by ISIS

  • Africa

    The worst thing is not barbaric islamics practicing the evil teachings of their death-cult
    but America, Canada and the West calling this death-cult the ‘religion of peace’ and arming and supporting these same barbaric jihadists in Libya, in Syria and other places. Western powers should have been working with Arab dictators such Qaddafi and Assad not supporting jihadists.

    • k1962

      And letting them immigrate here…

      The religion of psychopaths.

      • African