Beheading in Islam

When you hear of beheading, do you assume that Islam is involved? Beheading is an integral part of Islam. Mohammed repeatedly ordered people beheaded and the Koran even includes beheading. Beheading is threatened to settle arguments about Islam. Men were threatened with beheading if they did not become a Muslim. Beheading is mentioned nine times in the Hadith of Bukhari, once in the Koran and 41 times in the Sira. Beheading is recommended and common in the doctrine of Islam.

See all the references here.

  • pop

    Ive learnt something today. Thank you.

  • truthdareisay

    Islam the religion of Beheadings… Who in the hell made up the meme Islam – the religion of peace?

    • ThomasB

      Someone very evil and cynical, but a shrewd manipulator of people? Mo himself comes to mind, or perhaps Obama ….