We need the help of non-violent Muslim extremists against Isis

Punches flew, a few weeks after 9/11, on the streets of Luton. The town has a large Muslim population. As a result, even then, before the English Defence League moved in, it was a magnet for Britain’s white supremacists. But this fight was different. The warring parties could not be separated by the usual yardsticks: white skin versus brown, Christian versus Muslim. All were Islamic fundamentalists, and happy to admit it.


Someone named Memphis Barker wrote this, Britain has no shortage of his type.

  • Icebow

    When that hideous thing gets demolished, I want a ticket.

    • Luton is described as very Islamic by Jihadis.

      I ma not kidding.

      • Icebow

        It certainly is.

  • Martin B

    “We need the help of non-violent Nazis against Hitler”

  • Ho Hum

    Meanwhile in Canada Jason Kenney is pleased to welcome more Muslim refugees

    Jason Kenney ن ‏@jkenney Aug 10

    Wonderful to see families who recently came to CDA through our refugee resettlement programs @pmharper’s announcement


  • Alain

    First allow me to translate “white supremacists”, a negative, insulting code for native patriots in 99.9% of the time. Muslim supremacists would be accurate but is never used, just as black supremacists in the United States would be accurate but is never used. What the Muslims were never able to accomplish through armed invasion of the West in the past has been allowed by governments betraying their own people and countries.

    • Good points he is a lefty twit writing in a lefty rag.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        That place makes The Guardian look like the voice of reason.

  • pdxnag

    There is only one Islam. There is only one Islamic Ummah, relative to all Kafir.

    If a so-called moderate Islamist is better than an honest one champing at the bit to impose Sharia law yesterday then it follows that an apostate must be even better. Give voice to apostates; former Muslims.

    Expel all Muslims (IMHO) who refuse to choose apostasy. Islam mandates conquest, violently if necessary. Adherence to Islam is adherence to sedition against any free state.