UN peacekeepers accused of killing and rape in Central African Republic

UN peacekeepers shot dead a 16-year old boy and his father and raped a 12-year-old girl in Central African Republic, Amnesty International has alleged.

The claims will intensify pressure on the beleaguered UN mission in CAR, already under scrutiny over its recent handling of allegations of child sexual abuse by French soldiers and its own peacekeepers.

The 12-year-old girl had been hiding in a bathroom during a house search in a Muslim enclave of the capital, Bangui, on 2 August, she told Amnesty. A man allegedly wearing the blue helmet and vest of the UN peacekeeping forces took her outside and raped her behind a truck. She said that he dragged her out of the room, and slapped her when she started to cry. “When I cried, he slapped me hard and put his hand over my mouth,” the girl was quoted as saying by Amnesty.

  • Martin B

    Nothing new, kiddie rape by UN peacekeepers even has its own Wikipedia entry:


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    Steady on. Maybe they just confused piece with peace.

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    Well, imagine that…

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    Aryan International and Hummus Rights Watch are on the job looking for Jews to blame.