Canada Gave 3 Million Dollars To Mauritania, A Slave State In 2014

This article from the UK reminded me that Canada’s foreign aid program is equally bizarre.

UK’s £2.7bn in aid to countries where Christians are persecuted

Taxpayers in the UK donate £2.7 billion a year in aid to countries where Christians are suffering some of the most extreme religious persecution in the world, figures show.

Analysis of official aid statistics shows that four out of five countries listed on a global human rights watch list, charting attacks or official suppression against Christians, receive money from the overseas development budget or through other official agencies.

David Cameron said last year that Christianity is now the “most persecuted religion around the world” and said Britain should be “unashamed” in standing up for religious freedom.


Canada is no better, as I have reported previously we give Millions upon Millions to  Muslim nations that persecute Christians and anyone else they can get their hands on.

75 Million alone to Pakistan last year, 3 Million to Slavery State Mauritania and the beat goes on… without rhyme or reason.

Have a look at this handy graphic detailing our aid expenditures on a country by country basis and see for yourself.

You’ll be appalled.

  • Cheryl

    Why are we giving millions upon millions of dollars to these unforsaken countries when they are all moving to Canada?

  • Alain

    I personally witnessed time after time the total waste of money as foreign aid to these countries. Mauritania was next door to the north of Senegal where I lived, and it was a total shit hole. The Senegalese tried to stay clear of them when they came into Senegal, since it was standard knowledge that they captured blacks to take back as slaves. The culture was basically Arab and lacked any sense of honesty and integrity, so I avoiding doing any business with them. Once I wanted to sell my car and had plenty of Mauritanians approaching me to buy it but would not deal with them. Things got quiet heated but I did not back down. There were too many stories from others about them cheating, refusing to pay the full price afterwards or using counterfeit money.

    • And still the government thinks wasting our money is just swell.

      • Alain

        Yes, no matter which government or which party forms the government, the nonsense continues.

      • Canadian

        I need money, and they won`t give me any.
        Even if it`s money they took from me!

  • Nonsense. According to Abdel Nasser Ould Ethmane, a political adviser to the African Union and a co-founder of the abolitionist group SOS Slaves, the Mauritanian government’s “line” on slavery is: “Slavery no longer exists, and talk of it suggests manipulation by the West, an act of enmity toward Islam, or influence from the worldwide Jewish conspiracy.”

    • Alain

      To be totally accurate they were not called slaves (esclaves in French) but were called “captifs” or “captives” with the ending changing to reflect if they were male or female. They were most clearly slaves in the full sense.

    • Well thank Goodness that’s cleared up. I take it all back!

    • Here’s another hoot apologia…

      AASG was founded by Charles Jacob, a man with close ties to the far right in Israel and some Islamophobic American organisations and personalities, such as the American Defense Initiative of Pamela Geller. Jacob has used his public stature and his academic work to instigate uproar against a supposed looming takeover of America by an Islamic tsunami. Both Jacob and Geller have sponsored anti-slavery ads and posts featuring deliberately erroneous facts and figures about Mauritania.

      …Despite the errors and contradictions in NGO and news reports, there are still small pockets of slavery in the country. These exist in areas where governmental institutions have little presence and where their services are almost absent. Ironically, these are also the areas where national and international NGOs, which claim to fight slavery, never go.

      This problem has to be addressed. But this is a relatively smaller problem compared to a more pressing issue in this respect. While the country’s slavery problem is not of the scale painted in Western media (especially since the country dissolved its relationship with Israel), the country has a massive slavery-related problem. In addition to the small pockets where slavery is practiced, hundreds of thousands of former slaves and their children are on average poorer and less educated.

  • Ho Hum

    It is sickening to see the countries that are getting Canadian foreign aid. Just about every Muslim majority countries with the exception of the super wealthy Saudi Arabia and UAE. We are even giving money to Iran?????????? Aside from the Muslim countries I scratch my head about someone of the other recipients. Why are we giving aid (albeit a small amount) to Mexico and China? Why are we giving aid to Mozambique a country that persecutes (actually murders) white farmers?

  • Ho Hum

    I notice that in 2014 we gave over 100 million to Syria. Where is that money going? We know it is not going to Assad so that just leaves rebel groups e.g. ISIS and Al Nusra front!

  • Ho Hum

    In 2014 $6 Million to Korea. Why? It’s a relatively small amount but why are we giving Korea ANYTHING? They enjoy a HUGE trade surplus with Canada. Half our manufacturing jobs have gone to Korea and we are giving them foreign aid?

  • Ho Hum

    Harper announced a new program today to help persecuted minorities. If he wants to help persecuted minorities a good start would be to cut off aid to the dozens of Muslim majority countries receiving foreign aid.

    Stephen Harper ‏@pmharper Aug 10

    I’m announcing a new program to help persecuted religious minorities in the Middle East. More:

  • BillyHW

    Foreign aid is an immoral scam.

  • Minicapt

    There are whole departments of civil servants and policy advisors who’s livelihoods are completely dependent on such foreign aid expenditures; how can you so callously ignore their plights?