Today in crimes against humanity…

Bic offends the offensive.

  • The Butterfly

    Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

  • k1992

    Maybe if they’d used a picture of Lena Dunham it would have worked. Then again, Lena Dunham doesn’t actually look like a girl (or a woman), she’s definitely not a lady, goodness knows how (or if) she thinks and she’s probably not really into working … so scratch that idea.

  • Edubeat

    We need more neo-masculinity b/c I for one will not stand to be pussy-whipped into submissiion

  • pdxnag

    “I’m Offended!” has replaced “Nazi!” as the tool of choice to end debate.

  • DD_Austin

    That was printed in South Africa aimed at working women
    Here is the Ferguson, Missouri version

    Look like a slob
    Act like a whore
    Think what they tell you
    Work like a welfare bum

    They didn’t print it, not because they were worried about pc crap, afterall the market target can’t read, they didn’t print it because the market target can’t write.

  • Think like a man. Where’s the beer, pizza and pot.