Obama Politicizing Iran, Not the GOP

What will it take for there to generate a backlash about President Obama’s demonization of opponents of his nuclear deal with Iran? The president began his frontal assault on AIPAC for its temerity in challenging the deal in an appearance on The Daily Showwith Jon Stewart in terms that recalled President George H.W. Bush’s behavior a generation ago. He continued the same theme last week in his speech at American University when he likened Republicans who opposed the deal to hardliners in Iran who chant “Death to America.” As our Max Boot noted earlier, he repeated the charge and claimed it was factually accurate on an appearance on CNN with Fareed Zakaria yesterday. Obama had two purposes. One was to isolate Israel and its supporters with false dual loyalty charges. The other was to neutralize Congressional opposition by claiming it was solely generated by political considerations. For Republicans, that means claiming they will oppose anything he does. For Democrats like Senator Chuck Schumer and Rep. Eliot Engel, they are dismissed as bending to Jewish pressure in their constituencies. But the question to ask about this Nixonian campaign to delegitimize critics is what is the ultimate purpose of his efforts and why it is that they are going unchallenged by a liberal mainstream media that would cry bloody murder had George W. Bush used this kind of language about Iraq war foes?