IKEA Murderers Eritrean “Asylum Seekers”

It’s difficult to decipher the Swedish press at the best of times, now word comes that the assailants who stabbed two people to death at an IKEA in Sweden are “asylum seekers”.

Police have have not uncovered a motive at this time.

Griffin Ikea killers newly arrived immigrants from Eritrea

The man, a 23 year old, living in an asylum accommodation in Arboga and came under the civil registry to Sweden on July 13 this year.

The information about who the suspect man is coming from acts of murder case that Free Times has learned from Västmanland District Court. He is reasonably suspected of the murder and the investigation against him led by the deputy chief prosecutor Eva Moren.


The Daily Mail has the English version;) Two asylum seekers are arrested for stabbing to death mother and her son shopping for flatpack furniture in Swedish IKEA

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    I’m shocked. Finding out that the meatballs are made with minced pork must have sent him over the edge. It’s the fault of our western culture being so unaccomodating to mahometans.

  • Surprise, surprise! No, nothing to do with politics – i.e. Islam. For sure, nothing.

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    Mass immigration is immoral.

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      It’s also a racist policy to the indigenous people that live in the countries being flooded.

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