“A Disgrace to the Profession”

The World’s Scientists – in their own words – on Michael E Mann, His Hockey Stick and their Damage to Science – Volume One

A guy can’t sit around waiting for litigious fake Nobel Laureates to agree to discovery and deposition. So, with the Mann vs Steyn Trial of the Century currently stalled in the choked septic tank of the DC court system, I figured I might as well put some of the mountain of case research clogging up the office into a brand new book – all about the most famous “science” graph of the 21st century and the man who invented it.

  • Shebel

    Are you hoping that if you really piss him off—he might reciprocate by having a fatal heart attack or at the minimum a paralysing stroke ? LOL

  • infedel

    ug — and to think I paid for a PhD piece of paper

    • The Butterfly

      We all have regrets.

    • Petey

      Well, a Ph.D. once represented an authentic calling, and there are some for whom it truly still does, but but the most part it’s now just another credential.

      • infedel

        …that one has to keep re-certifying every year; why get a degree (just certify) –wish I was an electrician or mechanic; at least dad taught me how to change the oil and a flat and he was an engineer that never had to re-certify. I guess it was the good old days before education became a bizz.

    • DD_Austin

      The tears just won’t stop when you remember you could have got a 24 of cheap ass beer instead

      Dr. of Divinity Certificate $32.99

    • dance…dancetotheradio
      • infedel

        Thanks — you gave me a hearty laugh.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Eccles is Spike Milligan.
          And Bluebottle is Peter Sellers.
          The third Goon was Harry Secombe aka Seagoon.
          From their radio show called the Goon Show which ran in England in the late fifties and early sixties.
          I love ’em!

  • The Butterfly

    This is on the must read list.