11-year-old ISIS sex slave used as a human shield

A depraved Islamic State militant used an 11-year-old sex slave as a human shield by strapping her to the bonnet of his car while driving into battle.

The terrified girl was left screaming for her life after being tied to the windscreen of a Humvee military vehicle to protect her captor from enemy gunfire.

When she is not being paraded through war zones, the Yazidi child is repeatedly raped by the fanatic, activists have revealed.

The girl is among 3,750 prisoners from the minority sect who were captured during the terror group’s brutal uprising through northern Iraq last year.

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      He also wants Muslim invaders to destroy your country. Thanks Pope!

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    If only she had a parka …

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    How does this stack up against Planned Parenthood’s pricing?

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    Lord Obama assures us the JV team is on their knees.

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    Simply just more cowardly evil actions by Moslem sub-humans… Infuriating in the extreme! No peace on earth while Islam is allowed to continue to exist!