Yazidis left to their fate in Iraq: ‘The world has forgotten us’

The woman MP from the threatened Yazidi minority who attracted the world’s attention to her people’s plight a year ago with a tear-filled plea to the Iraqi parliament to save them has accused the world of now abandoning them to their fate.

In an interview with The Telegraph to mark the anniversary of the killings by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant of thousands of Yazidis around their historic homeland of Mount Sinjar, and the capture and mass rape of their women, Vian Dakhil said refugees were being forced to sell their few possessions to buy back girls from the group’s “slave markets”.

But thousands of women, girls and children remain captive, despite the aerial bombardment of Isil positions by the US-led coalition, including Britain.

  • Gary

    Obama will go down in the History books as aiding and abetting the muslims to slaughter Christians outside of the USA as he ushers in Sharia law inside the USA.

    Four years ago I posted a comment on a USA blog that my perception of Obama’s term as President seems to look as if he WANTS , or is setting the foundation for , a Civil War to carve up the USA for the Communists and islamofascists once he disarms the White folks.

    He doesn’t care about the near 800+ homicides for Det and Chi to mostly Blacks and by guns. He’s now obsessed with BROWN uneducated illegals by the millions to open the gates to out number Blacks while the Whites are being murdered by the illegals which Blacks enable and condone by their silence.

    • BillyHW

      The history books will blame Bush no matter what the truth is.

      • Surele Surele

        they are still blaming Premier Harris for problems in Ontario; Bush will be blamed for eternity.

  • Frances

    We haven’t forgotten, just don’t know how can help.

  • BillyHW

    Not the world, just Obama and all the feminists who voted for him to pay for their precious abortions.

    • drop a deuce

      US Jews voted overwhelmingly for Obama

  • Brenda

    Is there any organization that helps Yezidis that we can give money to? If western governments won’t help, maybe it’s time to bypass them.

    • drop a deuce

      How can I donate to Hezbollah?

  • drop a deuce

    She should thank the pussies in Israel for getting the US to take Saddam out

  • eMan14

    The Yazidi don’t matter on the world scale. If they were being slaughtered by the Israelis… it would be front page news. The fact that it is Muslims… well, it would be racist to point that out.
    And the Pope, bless him, considers climate change a more immediate concern.
    Is there another way to help? I honestly don’t know.